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Find Her: Who's the Girl in ScHoolboy Q's "Man of the Year" Video?


Oh hey, look,

ScHoolboy Q

has a new video out for "

Man of the Year

". I'm a Q fan, I'll watch this. Ok, tropical island setting, more of a "Big Pimpin" on a budget vibe and HOLY SWEET BABY JESUS WHO IS THAT?!?!?

Now, normally I'm the one able to first identify booty, but every so often even my serious research skills Googling fails to turn up a girl's identity. And when that happens, there's only one place I can turn; RefinedHype Nation. So who's ready for another "

Find Her

"? (That was a rhetorical question, you're ready. You were born ready.)



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Since there's both multiple girls in this video, and by the looks of things those models are of more the "amateur/relatively unknown" variety, I expect this one to be harder than the usual "Find Her". So that's why instead of the usual one million bonus points reward, I'm upping the ante to four million bonus points*. 

Video is below, along with a screenshot of each of the five main "models" - I'm primarily interested in the first one, the one who gets the most screen time, but I'll gladly take any of them. Good luck RefinedHype Nation, I believe in you. 

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Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

* Nope, bonus points aren't worth anything...but my undying respect and the respect of RefinedHype Nation. And isn't that even more valuable than money?+

+ No, no it's not more valubable than money. 



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