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Childish Gambino’s “Because The Internet" Album Leaked, Let’s Listen…


Those who are familiar with

Childish Gambino

(A.K.A Donald Glover A.K.A

Troy from "Community"

) know to expect the unexpected from his upcoming album, "

Because The Internet"

. The project’s Gif artwork and the odd numerical system of the tracklisting is just the start of what will likely be a unconventional listening experience. From TV to movies and

short films

to the rap game, Gambino can do it all and on "Because The Internet" he will look to solidify his spot in music and prove he is more than just an actor-slashed-rapper. He certainly has the company to prove it; guest spots on the tape include

Chance The Rapper, Jhene Aiko


Azealia Banks

. Bonus points for the greatest "lyric video" of all-time (aka Abella Anderson stripping). 

What do you think RefinedHype Nation? Does he belong in the ranks with raps brightest young stars? Is this more than just a quirky gimmick? As always, discuss below while you listen. Fans can

pre-order "Because the Internet" on iTunes

The album is also

streaming via iTunes Radio

1. The Library (Intro)

2. I. The Crawl



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3. II. worldstar

4. Dial Up

5. I. The worst guys (feat. Chance The Rapper)

6. II. shadows

7. III. telegraph (“Oakland” by Lloyd)

8. IV. sweatpants

9. V. 3005

10. Playing Around Before The Party Starts

11. I. The Party

12. II. no exit

13. Death By Numbers

14. I. Flight of The Navigator

15. II. zealots of stockholm (free information)

16. III. umm

17. I. pink toes (feat. Jhene Aiko)

18. II. earth: The oldest computer (The last night) [feat. Azealia Banks]

19. III. life: The biggest troll (andrew auernheimer)

The album is also

streaming via iTunes Radio

Note: We'll do our best to keep a full stream of the album running. If a song(s) goes down please be patient, we'll get it back up asap. These things happen...because it's the internet. 

Note 2: Any posted download link, or any promotion of downloading the album, will be automatically deleted as soon as possible. Pre-order the album on iTunes



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