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This Week in General Awesomeness: Joey Badass' "20 Miles", Tyler The Creator vs. Trump & More


The interwebs are a wonderful place filled with porn, more porn, and occasionally some other

General Awesome

stuff. That's where I come in. As a balance to the ever popular "

Fails of the Week

", below is some of the best the world has to offer in the form of Joey Badass' "20 Miles", Tyler the Creator photobombing Donald Trump and more.


Joey Bada$$ Was Dope When He Was EVEN Younger

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I probably should do an entirely separate post on this, but it dropped when I was halfway through "General Awesomeness", and it's fucking awesome, so fuck it. Here it is. For the last entry in #ProEraWeek Joey unearth this "20 Miles" freestyle from his (incredibly young) vault.

Goddamnit. It turns out that even a 16-year-old Joey (then known as JayOhVee) could rock over a Mos Def instrumental better than I ever could at


my advanced age. Son of a bitch.

The Greatest Night of Comedy Ever

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If you're a fan of stand up comedy you've heard about New York City's Comedy Cellar, a spot renowned for uber-famous comedians dropping by and doing unannounced sets. Apparently all the stories are true, because this week Chris Rock AND Dave Chappelle did an unplanned set together, then was joined by Kevin Hart and Marlon Wayans the next night.

"Chappelle reportedly convinced Rock to text Jay-Z to see if the rapper could join them for a late-night meal of spaghetti. The rapper didn’t respond, so the duo called and left messages for Arsenio Hall and Lenny Kravitz.”

That's right, some folks paid $12 for a ticket and got to see Chris Rock and Chappelle together. Fuck, I might have to just move into the Comedy Cellar on the one-in-a-billion chance it happens again.

The One Time Tyler the Creator Photobombed Trump

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There's a zero percent chance that Donald Trump had any idea who he was posing with, so fuck yeah to Tyler for making the man look even more ridiculous than he already is. Seriously, fuck Trump and anyone who love him.

Goats In Paris

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The "Harlem Shake" is old school, the interwebs new big thing is mixing in screaming goats with popular music. I'll probably be sick of this shit in a week, tops, but for now? For now this shit is hilarious.

This Week in Boobs Are Awesome...

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This week I ran a

Random Hot Girls: The All Boobs Edition collection

, and so far I'd say that nameless lady above is the reader pick for best boobs. I can't really argue - RefinedHype Nation has excellent taste.

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