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Guilty Conscience: The 5 Biggest Guilty Pleasures Of 2013


Now that it is officially December, it means that those 2013 countdown pieces will be blogged like hotcakes. I have been keeping a long list of songs to include on the various “best of ’13” countdowns, but to get things started—because it won’t be long until you are inundated with the best songs of '13 articles—I thought it might be fun to go a totally different route. The best/worst songs of 2013, or in more friendly terms, the biggest guilty pleasures of 2013.

You probably already have some idea of what this means, but for shits and giggles lets go over the criteria. First the song has to be from 2013 (duh). More importantly, you have to genuinely like the song. Plenty of times there is a song you will play because you hate it so much, in an ironic, hipstery kind of way, but for a true guilty pleasure, you have to have to actually like it, against your better judgment. These are the kind of songs you would never, ever, in a million years tell anyone you like, but when on your own, you happily play them on repeat before deleting your internet history; the last thing you want is the NSA knowing you watched that Katy Perry video 5 times in a row at 2 AM on a Wednesday. So, to summarize, these songs have to be from 2013 and make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself because you should hate them...but sadly, you cannot. So at the risk of losing my credibility as a rap blogger, lets dive right into the



Justin Bieber ft. Drake “Right Here”

Ok yeah, I know…its Bieber. I don’t listen to him nor could I name you more than like 3 songs but you can tell he is talented. As much as you might hate him, and you have every reason to, you gotta admit the kid can make a track and has the circle around him to success; he has worked with the likes of Luda, Usher and R Kelly. If Luda can see it surely you can too.

I know Nathan might fire me

Vince McMahon style

 for this. Believe me, I am not proud of myself, but damnit, I can’t ever get this song out of my head. It isn’t on steady rotation or anything, but when I am in the mood for something light and catchy its perfect; I am not saying it should win any awards, but you get Biber and Drake on a Hit-Boy beat (which sounds like an early 2000’s beat) and how are you not going to like it?  I’m like a fly to the bug zapper here; I can’t help but be drawn in. I like a Justin Bieber song...sue me.

Bruno Mars –“Treasure”

"Treasure" is the kind of song you play loud in your car with the windows down…until you see someone next you…then you immediately turn it off. It is fun to sing along with and even bust out a few moves, but if you think I am letting the whole word know I ride with Bruno you are crazy. I actually debated whether or not this belonged here—it is more cool throwback than bubblegum pop—but whenever I play this, in the back of my mind,  am thinking “I totally shouldn’t be listening to this.” I’ll hide behind the guise of the throwback/70’s vibe but secretly I know what’s really going on. I love a Bruno Mars song.



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The Game – “Ali Bomaye ft. 2 Chainz, Rick Ross”

I have long proclaimed my detest of Rick Ross and 2 Chainz. Both of them are in my top 5 worst rappers in the game, and I vow to never ever buy an album or song with them involved. So whenever I blast “Ali Bomaye” if feel like a complete and totally hypocrite. But I also feel like a complete and total G and in the end that outweighs everything. I am no hardcore backpacker, but something about Chainz and Ross just irk me and even I actually love their verses on here; in fact Ross is my favorite. It might not be a guilty pleasure to some, but when you have centered you musical tastes around the antithesis of this type of song, you feel a little bit ashamed and uncomfortable when you can’t stop rockin’ with it. The way "Treasue" and Biebz make me feel like my manhood is in question, "Ali Bomaye" makes me feel like my serious musical tastes are in question.

Froggy Fresh- “Dunked On”

I’m sure a lot of people like Froggy Fresh in an ironic way but I legitimately love this song. There was a good while where I would play this for anyone and everyone, but when like 99% of the people hated it, I got to thinking there might be something wrong with me. I know it’s supposed to be bad—and to be fair the rapping is—but I can get over it because the concept is so awesome; oh, and that beat is a certified banger too. It’s “cool” to like Froggy Fresh because he/they are bad, but it takes a real music enthusiast to legitimately love the song. One of the best songs of the year, guilty pleasure or not and if that makes me certifiably insane (it does) I don’t care; Froggy Fresh til the casket drops.

Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”

So I just got a new roommate and on the thurd day of living next to each other, he came home to me listening to “Wrecking Ball". In an effort not to have him kill me in the middle of the night, I quickly told him it was for “work” like I was compiling some of the worst videos of the year. It went over well until the next day when he came home to me blasting "Wrecking Ball"…on repeat. At the risk of losing my job, I will now admit that I absolutely love this song. Say what you want about Miley twerking or her foam finger, but if you don’t like that chorus you might be dead; when she brings it home it gets my

in my plums

.  Miley knows how to make a banger and none, including “See You Again” are better than “Wrecking Ball”. Easily the guiltiest pleasure of 2013.

So there it goes, any shred of dignity I had is now gone after telling you I like “Wrecking Ball” and a Drake and Bieber collab (not that I had much any way); at least I’m owning it. You can get all haughty and act like you are better than me, but both you and I know if you look deep down in your soul, you feel just like I do about a few choice cuts. Glass houses…

Nathan Update

: Couldn't help myself, had to weight in. Full disclosure, I've played A$AP Ferg's "Shabba" enough times this year than Eminem's "Rap God". So let the hating commence, but....goddamn this shit just bangs. Guilty pleasure. 



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