"Happiness is a Warm Gun" for ArtOfficial (Video)


In retrospect we should have seen this coming. After bringing their live hip-hop sound to classic cuts like Jimi Hendrix'

Voodoo Child

and Jay-Z's

Show Me What You Got



is now tackling the biggest rock group of all-time with their rendition of the Beatle's

Happiness is a Warm Gun

. The latest episode in their string of behind-the-scenes videos chronicling the recording of their new album

The Payback

, slated to be released on April 23,

Happiness is a Warm Gun

is an inside look at the group's creative process. Now we just have to make sure no one in ArtOfficial marries Yoko Ono.

Be sure to stay tuned for more exclusive footage as ArtOfficial prepares to unleash their musical payback upon the world.