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What's the Hardest Rap Song of All-Time?


I'm not gonna be humble, when it comes to coming up with rap topics, I'm the Stephen Hakwing of this rap blogging shit. But, I have to admit, RefinedHype Nation is pretty goddamn good at coming up with great debates too.

Case in point, during our "

Let’s Put Together The Greatest Rap Concert of All-Time

" discussion the question of the "

Hardest Song in Rap History

" opened up (specifically by KBergrayn). Well then, I have to admit, that's a fucking fantastic question. In fact, it definitely deserves to be the new "

Question of the Week


As always, we'll start by trying to define the parameters, although in this case the parameters are are subjective and hazy as they're going to get. Like the definition of porn ("I know it when I see it"), you just know a hard song when you hear it. It makes you want to punch a kitten, kick a grandma, flip over a table and just generally disregard all the rules of civilized society. All of which means this is going to be as subjective of a question as it gets.

For me, the first song that comes to mind, and frankly probably because it was KBergrayn's nomination, is "

Ante Up

". I remember when that shit came out, you couldn't put it on without a fist fight breaking out. On a similar note I also have to throw in



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Onyx' "Slam"

, I have to mention a whole gang of '90s gangster rap like "

Natural Born Killaz

" and "

Straight Outta Compton

". Shifting location, it's overlooked but Big Boi/Purple Ribbon Gang's "


" always gets me hyped, and now I feel like I have to mention some Killer Mike ("

Big Beast

" is still one of the hardest joints I've heard in years).

But ultimately, and yes, I gave this a lot of thought, for me it has to be Pharoah Monche's "Simon Says". I mean, not only are you talking a fucking "Godzilla" sample on the beat, but the FIRST WORDS OF THE SONG ARE FUCKING "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Fuck, just listening to this on my computer speakers makes me want to commit various crimes.

Alright, you've got my nomination, now hit me in the comments section with yours. This is about as stoked for a "Question of the Week" as I've been in a minute. If this goes the way I think it will, someone's getting locked up for murder before it's all over.



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