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Heat Check: How Do You Feel About Drake's "How About Now"


Drake hates bloggers. Shades of DnF, a new Drake record dropped/leaked on a Sunday evening. I was literally in bed--just having finished my Walking Dead bedtime story--and about to go to sleep, when I decided to do one last Twitter check. Oh hey, Drake.

The only time Drake should be in bed with you at 2AM on a Sunday is if your name is Courtney and you work at Hooters on Peachtree, but alas, here we were. Per usual, when something big drops (or in this case leaks) we want to break it down ASAP. More importantly, we want to know what you, the reader, is thinking. So we created this little Heat Check. Let's dig into "How About Now," which might or might not (no confirmation has been provided) on Drake's forthcoming album, Views From The 6.



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When it comes to Drake, I have to be in the mood to listen to his work. Coincidentally this weekend, I was on a little Drake kick, so I'm probably more accepting of this new offering than I would normally be. His past few releases have had some edge to them--he's been in rapper mode for a minute--but "How About Now" is definitely more of your typical Drake cut. What do I mean? Well, a female from his past is the topic of conversation, but he's not crying on the couch watching the directors cut of Bridget Jones while listening to Adele; he takes a more passive-aggressive tone, saying "look how far I've come." It's supposed to be smooth, and it is, but his last few releases have had so much energy, if this was an official single it would feel like a let down. I much prefer the pure rappidy rap Drake or even the crooning sad Drake to this somewhere-in-the-middle Drizzy.

Aside from the "Tuesday" remix, which can now undeniably be considered a hit, Drake has been on a mission. Granted this record would appear to be unfinished, but here he sounds like he's on auto-pilot, lamenting a lost lover because that's just what he's supposed to do. There's no spark. And it's bland. I will say though, I do think this offering has the potential to grow on me, but that is mainly because of the stellar production; that Jodeci flip is so clean it's hard to not get into it.

If you're confused, yes, I basically went from being into the record, to not really feeling it, to "well...maybe I like it?" This leads me to believe that "How About Now" is lukewarm. With Drake, if I don't love the material right away, I probably never will. It's smooth and it's clean, but where's the passion? For me to really love a Drake song, there has to be this magnetic "wow" factor, and I just didn't find it here (and yes, we know, this isn't the final version). Also, it doesn't strike me as the kind of song that the people who say Drake sucks will secretly listen to (like "0 to 100"), and I don't blame them.

P.S.- If this is about a girl who he dated before he was famous, and he had to drive her to the Bar exam in the snow, how old is she? Drake is 27 and he's been famous for like six years now. What kind of 20 year old takes the Bar exam? How old is this mystery lawyer with a mean dad?!

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]



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