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Heat Check: How Do You Feel About Future Ft. Kanye West "I Won"?


So it's 5 A.M. here in D.C and I'm up listening to Future because I woke up and I just had to check Twitter. I saw that Future had a new song and I had no choice but to pop open the laptop and get to work. For Future?! What would posses me to do such a silly, silly thing? The fact that Kanye is a guest. I'm pretty sure he's the only emcee to make this happen; seriously, that's power. Anyway, aside from

not knowing what he is saying

, I really don't know much about Future. However, between Rick Ross, Jeezy, Big Sean (multiple times) and a few more, Kanye has a long history of making me like rappers I normally don't care about. Did he do the same with Future on "I Won"? I said we would do a

Heat Check

on any big singles that drop, and this feels like a big single. Aside from Nas' ode to




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, Future's


album is the next is big release, so when he drops  a single with Kanye West, we are probably going to want to to talk about it...or at least find out if it is hotter than Rick Ross in a volcano*

Maybe it's 5 AM and I'm a little sleepy, but I think I'm feeling this. Ew, did I really say I like a Future cut? Pinch me, I'm definitely dreaming. I actually think I like Future's voice; it's really catchy and easy to listen to on this kind of beat. Speaking of the beat, I know it's Metro Boomin's baby, but I feel like Kanye had a little bit to say about it no? That little scream sample and those drums sound pretty Kanye to me. Either way I like it, the beat sounds really clean. Also, what's with Kanye calling Kim a trophy wife? Isn't that a bad thing? I guess in crazy Kanye land it might be something good? I just can't imagine telling my hypothetical wife she's a trophy wife and having it go over well and I most certainly would not tell her mother that all her daughters were trophies as well. This is going to be one of those songs that I play more than I'd like to admit, but never, ever listen to the lyrics. I guess I shouldn't be expecting a lyrical performance from Future, but I hold Kanye to a higher standard. Still, there is just something about it. I'm gonna go ahead and wait until I am not half asleep to cast my vote (yeah, that's right, I vote), but I think I know where I stand.

But this isn't about me. What do


think RefinedHype Nation?

*Nothing is hotter than Rick Ross in a volcano.