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Hip-Hop's Top 5 Stripper Anthems (Live From Magic City)


Like George Washington, if George Washington wrote about rap on the internet, I cannot tell a lie. So here's the behind-the-scenes story.

I was down in Atlanta with the DJBooth squad when we started talking about going to Magic City. Sure, it was the afternoon, and sure, none of us had any real cash on us, but come on, it's Magic City, a locale that's become a rap mecca. So we couldn't slap a single jiggling ass cheek with a rack of cash, so what? If we could simply even bask in its presence, gaze upon its hallowed halls, it would feel like an accomplishment. So we hopped in the car and went, and it was glorious.  



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Now, I know regular readers expect me to come up with an absurdly detailed list of criteria, but really, I was really only thinking about songs that really get play in the clubs and really inspire some rain-making. Looking at this list now it seems maybe a little too modern - shout out to Ludacris and "P-Poppin" - but I also think we're living in the golden era of strippers songs, when referencing Magic City has essentially become mainstream. Regardless, this is my list, what's yours?

And no matter how heated the debate in the comments might get below, just remember, we'll always have Magic City.    

  • #5 Drake "Houstonlantavegas"
  • #4 Big Sean "A$$"
  • #3 French Montana "Pop That" 
  • #2 Tyga "Rack City"
  • #1 Juicy J "Bandz a Make Her Dance"

[Talking, writing and beard-having by Nathan Slavik, aka @RefinedHype. Video and editing by Erikson Corniel.]



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