Hollywood Holt Lands in NYC for Hollywood Moon Tour [Exclusive Coverage]


New York, NY -- Every now and then, we earthlings enjoy visualizing what an escape to another planet would be like. Often, a musician will come along and try to help us out with these dreams, but far too many come off as being too shallow to pull it off.

Hollywood Holt

’s second stop in NYC for his

Hollywood Moon Tour

was as close to an after-work escape from reality as one could hope for, as he and

Kid CuDi

made it a night to stylishly break free from the confines of industry norms.

As fans of Holt and his crew lined the outside of Love nightclub donning a grunge/punk/mod look, it was apparent that the huddled masses of post-modern Cyndi Laupers and Jody Watleys queued on MacDougal Street were welcoming Hollywood into NYC, and embracing his style full-on. Clearly tired of the mainstream fodder being pumped through Top 40 radio and the uniformity of “Back to School” fashions, Hollywood Holt was just the person to bring something out-of-this-world to the scene.

The Chi-towner respects the level of fandom and appreciation that comes with his semi-fame, but he doesn't want to be shunted off into a genre or a niche just yet. Though he and his counterparts on tour are very different, Hollywood want to collaborate in order to make great music. Having been avid collectors of anything they’ve ever thought was fashionable since childhood, Hollywood and his producer first cousin

Million $ Mano

know a thing or two about trends; in fact, Mano was the DJ for Marc Jacob’s personal party for NY Fashion Week.

“This new style, it’s not about a movement. In the 80s, rappers rapped and they fell off. And then, new rappers came in the 90s and the thing was, they didn’t want to let the shit go,” Holt maintains. “So their time is up, no matter what their time is up. Not a diss to older rappers or anything; it’s just that now their time is up!”

Christian Rich

, a duo from New York, opened the show with an electric string player in the background, followed by fellow headliner Kid CuDi. “I immediately regret wearing a wool hat,” CuDi lamented, before removing it and going into emotionally-charged fan favorites like “Man on the Moon,” “

Is There Any Love

,” and “Day and Nite.”

Fusing his love of punk rock, old school hip hop and Chicago’s “jooking” style of dance music, headliner Hollywood performed a plethora of party tracks that made a stoic NYC crowd more energetic. Emerging on stage after a warm introduction from DJ Mano, Holt immediately broke into his set. The crowd went wild as he performed “Caked Up,” “Bang That,” and “Swerve ‘N Lean.” The major female-crowd-pleaser, however, was “


,” for which he removed his shirt and strutted his tattooed-bearing self.

Hollywood hopes that his out-of-this-world non-conformity can bring back that which his fans feel has been missing from the hip hop game. “Everybody raps. I don’t knock nobody’s music, at the end of the day it’s an art form, and it’s a self-expression of you,” he said. “You obviously don’t rap the way I rap, because that’s fake." "N*ggas be like, ‘yo I’m trying to get on that electro sh*t you be on.’ I’m not on that, if you listen to my music, you’ll see I’m just an emcee."



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