New Features From D-Pryde, Warm Brew Dominate Booth Independent Chart

"No Sleep" and "Nothin' From Nothin" unseat K. Sparks and Joe Budden atop the lineup.
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New York, N.Y. -- This week on the Booth's

Top Independent Hip Hop Chart

, former front-runners

K. Sparks

(with "Gold Chains") and

Joe Budden

(with "Dreamerz") drop to 11th and seventh; replacing them are new features from


("No Sleep") and

Warm Brew

("Nothin From Nothin"--a Booth-exclusive

world premiere

). All in all, the past week's features claim 12 of 20 spots, among them an

exclusive freestyle series

entry by

Rockwell Powers

(“It’s Like This”).

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