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Is Lil Wayne's "Krazy" Dope, or Am I on Crazy Pills?


With some exceptions, most notably on "No Ceilings", it's been a steady decline for Lil Wayne since the "Carter III" days. There was a time when "is Wayne the best rapper alive?" was a serious question, but his name hasn't belonged in that Greatest Alive discussion in a minute. These are facts. I won't debate them. But this new "Krazy" though?

This gives me that same feeling when I had to listen to "A Milli" on repeat for 97 hours. That beat is some absolutely head banger shit - I was ready to go to bed before this dropped, and I'm currently more amped than this kid - and Weezy busts out some of that non-stop flow that was so unavoidable back in '09. Plus, I don't think there's a single groan-worthy punchline on the entire track. I mean, I'm not quite sure why his entire family calls him Eduardo, but whatever, it's still a decent line.

And it's not just "Krazy". This is combination with "Believe Me" and "D'usse" feels like a cliched question, but it also feels like maybe, just maybe, Lil Wayne is back and maybe, just maybe, "The Carter V" is going to end up being pretty goddamn dope.

Then again, there's always a solid chance that I'm taking crazy pills. As always, I'll have to rely on DJBooth Nation to set me straight. Let's give "Krazy" the "Heat Check" treatment... 



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