Bet You Can't Guess Who's on Isaiah Rashad's Rap Mt. Rushmore

Did you know the TDE rapper cites Big Boi as his single biggest rap influence?
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When it dropped back in January,

Isaiah Rashad


Cilvia Demo

stayed at the top of our album chart for weeks, and it's easy to hear why. The newly signed TDE emcee has a unique and thoughtfully dope style, but as the proverbial new kid on the block (no Marky Mark), there's still a lot we don't know about Rashad.

For example, in reading over his recent interview on


, I really didn't expect to hear him list Big Boi as the single biggest influence on his music:


: "Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?"


: "The first verse I ever wrote was on DJ UNK’s “Walk It Out,” after I heard Andre’s verse — Andre 3000’s verse."


: "Nice. Let’s say you could carve your personal rap Mount Rushmore. Who’s faces would adorn Isaiah Rashad-more?"


: "My rap Mount Rushmore would be Pimp C. Then you got Kool G Rap. Then you got Pac. And Big Boi."


: "Who’s your biggest influence on that list?"


: "Big Boi."


: "Why Big Boi?"


: "Big Boi is probably the most diverse rapper I’ve ever heard besides Missy Elliott."

I shouldn't be surprised to hear anyone say that Outkast was their biggest influence - who haven't they influenced? - but still, I didn't see Big Boi coming. It goes to show, there's only so much you can learn about an artist from their music. For even more on who Rashad is as a person, be sure to check out

his Pulse on Who's Next interview