Diamond Music Group x !llmind Present: "I Vs. I" Remix Contest

Remix Fortilive's <b>Booth-sponsored</b> street release for your chance to win prizes from BeatTips, FluD Watches, DJBooth and more!

New York, N.Y. -- Acclaimed New Jersey producer


unites with the N.Y. based, boutique marketing consortium

Diamond Music Group



), for the

I Vs. I Remix Contest

. This challenging undertaking will call on producers from around the globe to remix 11 tracks from the previously released and highly notable

I Vs. I

album from


. The project, which originally debuted in January, courtesy of DJBooth.net, has been mentioned among the best au-gratis hip-hop releases of the year.

Fortilive, the transcontinental hip-hop conglomerate, consisting of the Hawaii-based emcees




and New Jersey beatsmith


, have joined forces with


in effort to find that 'next' producer who can craft a cohesive and momentous project - by no means is this your average remix contest.

An impressive team of sponsors have been enlisted to offer an extraordinary prize package to the winning producer. Prizes include Addictive Drums (courtesy of

XLN Audio

), 5th Edition of the


Manual, promotions courtesy of DJBooth.net, The BPM edition timepiece (courtesy of

Flud Watches

), heaps of dope gear from


, vlog campaign courtesy of


, drum-machine inspired flash drives (courtesy of


), featured video of one of the winning remixes featuring all the members of Fortilive and an exclusive !llmind drum kit (awarded to all contestants that submit a remix album).

*Producers, please refer to the following SoundCloud page to download all the necessary files and view the instructions/guidelines and timeline below. Please forward all questions and concerns to: info@diamondmedia360.com

Download Files | SoundCloud:


All submissions are to be made here:




– The BeatTips Manual, 5th Edition


– The BPM: drum –machine inspired digital watch that also serves as a calculator.

• Video – Fortilive will shoot a video for a song off the winning remix LP that will be promoted in conjunction with the online marketing campaign for the project’s launch


– To premier project and host download link.


– Will document campaign launch via vlog campaign.


– Clothing from their 2011 fall line.


– To host the ‘stems’ and provide submission dropbox.


– Addictive Drums (drum production software).


: USB Flash Drives – 8GB limited edition, drum-machine inspired flash drives, equipped with exclusive !!LLMIND drum kit, awarded to first, second and third place participants. Winners may choose between the TR-808, MPC-2000XL and SP-1200 edition flash drive.

• Exclusive !LLMIND drum kit awarded to all contestants via SoundCloud link.


• Producers, please submit your eleven remixes, no later than Monday, September 19th, through the following SoundCloud dropbox:


• Participants may only submit one remix album. Submissions that include any more or any less than the 11 tracks to be remixed, will not be accepted. You may not remix more than one version of the same song.

• Samples may be used as part of your production.

• All files are zero pointed and should synchronize properly with any digital audio workstation. Please refer to the track list for the BPM of each song.

• The BPM of your remix may be altered from the original version of the song.

• Files should be labeled accordingly with the song title first, followed by the producer's name and remix in parenthesis, ie:Aint No Place (Joe Smith Remix).

• Due to the high volume of submissions, it becomes very difficult to cross reference submissions with their corresponding email addresses and therefore it is critical to include your email address in the personal note field of the submission dropbox. In addition, please prvide us with your social network URLs (Twitter/Facebook) along with your discography bio/epk if applicable. Please include a few senteneces about yourself and your production background.


• 8/10:Contest Begins - Online campaign to promote contest to worldwide media outlets, websites, lifestyles, blogs, journalists & tastemakers.

• 9/19:Submission Due Date - All producers are required to submit their remix via DMG’s SoundCloud Dropbox.

• 9/30:Winner Is Announced/Debut Video – The winning producer will be announced through an online promotional campaign through the use of a video of one of the remixes off the winning remix album.

• 10/18:Release Date – The

I Vs. I

Remix album will be released as a free download, courtesy of DJBooth.net, on Tuesday, October 18th, the first day of the

2011 CMJ Marathon