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J. Capri Jumps "In the Mix" (Exclusive Interview)

North Carolina emcee and <i>Born Star</i> J. Capri jumps in the mix for an exclusive interview.

Well over a year ago a young North Carolina emcee representative

J. Capri

made his debut on our pages and in that time he's turned out a consistently improving collection of tracks and visuals.

Now, as Capri readys for the release of his

Born Stars

album on January 18, he jumps "

In the Mix

" to talk about how his approach to music has evolved, what will make his album stand out from the crowd and North Carolina's rise as a hip-hop epicenter.

You're from North Carolina, a place that's seen its hip-hop scene gain increasingly national recognition lately. What is it about a NC emcee that stands out?

I think the fact that we don't have a long list of pioneers from our state made us build influences from all different regions. Me, for example, was inspired by east coast, midwest, southern and west coast artists growing up. So most of our styles have a lot of versatility in them. Though I am very proud of how the ones from NC that have already put on (i.e JCole, 9th Wonder, Petty Pablo, Little Brother) have represented us and have built a lofty perception about what people should expect from an NC artist.

Your first feature on The DJBooth was year-and-a-half ago with

Place in the Game


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How has your music and outlook on music changed since then, if at all?

My outlook has changed in a major way about how I view the game along with how I choose to convey my music. In that year in a half I'm extremely grateful to be apart of the things I have been apart of (Curren$y's Jet Life Tour, J.Cole's Cole World Tour, Young Jeezy's TM103 Tour and Rock the Bells tour with Mobb Deep, Ghostface and Raekwon.) These experiences have humbled me to realize that there is no one thing that's gonna get you where you want to be in this game, it takes a continuance of hard work, patience and persistence.

As far as my music goes, I started off just trying to prove to everyone that I was talented and I was still learning how I was going to tell my story. This project is more introspective then my last, it will reach the listeners much more than my last and it also gives them a better understanding of me and the role I have taken upon myself as an artist.

Explaining an album title is a bit of a cliche, but with a title like Born Stars I just can't resist - what's the significance and meaning of that title?

I heard someone say one time "no human being on earth was created mediocre". So I always wanted my music to inspire people to seek their highest potential and realize that we all were placed here to have an impact. I started a movement combined with my circle and supporters called "BornStars" that represents everything that quote stands for. While making this project I realized the music is a full explanation of it all, so the name fits perfect its almost like the beginning of a great movie series.


Born Stars

drops on January 18, what will distinguish it from the crowd of projects we see everyday?

When people finish listening to it they will realize it was sequenced to tell a story, so not only does each individual song have a meaning but the overall project does as well and once people figure out that meaning it will truly hit home. I'm not looking to exalt myself above anyone else but I feel like this project in a lot of ways speaks for the ones who cannot speak for themselves.

Last words? Should outs? Confessions?

Thanks to everyone that has shown me love thus far especially you guys at The DJBooth, I greatly appreciate it. Shouts to my team and everyone that's helping to make this dream work, we're coming! Be on the lookout for my MTV2 Sucker Freestyle airing soon and



Thanks, JCapri.



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