Grab a Donut & Debate Who's Better, Jay Z or Nas?


You walk into the office break room and there's a box of donuts. You just had donuts yesterday, and today you vowed to yourself that you'd be healthier, turn over a new leaf, exercise some will power. But there they are, sitting there, delicious, every time you walk into the room. And throughout the day, you seem to be finding more and more excuses to walk into that break room. Finally, after about your 712th furtive glace towards those tantalizing Krispy Kremes, you say forget it and dig in. 

That's basically this. At this point, nearly every iteration of the Jay Z vs. Nas debate has been done. If you're a hip-hop head you've had the same arguments with the same people 100 times now, and yet...when the opportunity comes up again....when the debate is sitting there just so tantalizing and delicious, it's really only a matter of time until you take a bite. 

So yes Complex, you've tempted me sufficiently, and at this exact moment in time, a moment where I'm valueing art over commerce, I'm going to have to say that ("Oochie Wally" aside) Nas has had - and I bet will continue to have - the better career. Disagree? You probably do. Pick up that donut and let's get to it...

UPDATE: Our friends at WhoSampled gave the debate another twist, looking at Nas vs. Jay through their sample stats. Good read...



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