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5 Young Jeezy Songs Even Haterz Love


It occurred to me the other day that I really dislike

Young Jeezy

. He isn't intolerable (although he's close to it), but what makes me hate him more is that people seem to give him a pass. When discussing the worst emcees, nobody ever mentions him, but in my opinion he is up there. His style is cool for like two seconds, but by the sixteenth bar, I just want to Van Gogh my ears. I can only handle so many


's. And let's not forget that he nearly ruined Freddie Gibbs' career. I'm telling you there is plenty to hate, but people don't seem to. Sidenote, I may or may not spend way to much time thinking about rap. Anyhow, I hate him, but I'm man enough to admit that there are a few Jeezy songs that even a hater can love. And they are....

"Soul Survivor"

There is really no other place to start; probably the first Jeezy song I ever heard. I had totally forgotten about this song, but it brings back some pretty good memories. There was a while there when this song was everywhere. If you tell me Jeezy and Akon are on the same song nine times out of ten I'll run the other way, but this is the one; it's hard to deny this banger.  Still, for the life of me, I can't figure out why he has to ad-lib after every line. He's worse than DMX. Sidenote, I know he had "Lonely" but this song really made Akon's career right?

"I Love It"

If nothing else, Jeezy is good for some dope workout music (that's an nice way of saying its all sizzle and no steak). I will say this for an emcee who I hate he sure knows how to make me not care that I hate him. I find him to be really annoying with that whisper flow and all the ad-libs, but still, turn on "I Love It" and I can lift the whole gym. When it comes to Jeezy, I prefer him with someone else so I don't have to get whispered at the whole time, but this is all Jeezy and I can still tolerate it; that hook is very easy to rap along with.



"Put On"



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I'm not sure how much of my love of this song comes from Jeezy, but I'm feeling generous. I guess his verse isn't bad, but he got bodied by Kanye when Kanye was using auto-tune, but that isn't exactly a co-sign. I can probably recite Kanye's verse from memory, but the only Jeezy line I remember is "whiter than a napkin, harder than a dinner plate". Hell, I'd even give more credit to Drumma Boy for the beat than I would Jeezy. I guess the hook is decent (Jeezy sure can kill a hook) but this song is a Jeezy song by name only. Still it's his name so I'll include it.


Kanye has this incredible ability ot make me love emcees I hate; Ross, Big Sean, and apparently Young Jeezy. I know it's not Jeezy's song, but this is my favorite verse of his. His flow doesn't get annoying because it really fits well with the beat and some of his bars are actually pretty good. This is the perfect amount of Jeezy, enough to let him do his thing, but not too much where I get annoyed and want to punch a wall. I don't


his verse, but it does make the song; it would be weird to hear it without it. Who would of guessed that Jeezy would be the one making a Kanye song a complete effort; guess he owed him for "Put On"

"Hustlaz Ambition


I was going to go with "My President" but it felt too easy. I wanted to find a song that was a little off the grid to see if there was a non-Kanye assisted song that I could enjoy. Found it! "Hustlaz Ambition" fucking knocks; Drumma Boy deserves a Grammy or a Nobel Peace Prize for this one. Jeezy's whole act wears thin with me, and even thought I hate they lyrics, I can't help but sing along. You won;t hear this one on the radio, but it bangs just like any other one of his radio hits. I'm not going to be getting

The Recession

on vinyl or anything, but Jeezy is good for some party or workout tunes.

So there you have it, five songs that even a Jeezy hater can enjoy...except Freddie Gibbs. I wouldn't recommend

asking him about his favorite Jeezy cuts