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Johnny Polygon Jumps "In the Mix" [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]


There's the usual, and then there's

Johnny Polygon

. Hailing from Oklahoma, Johnny has become a rhyme spitting, street-ballad singing, force of nature within the music industry thanks to an immediately distinctive style and a refusal to compromise. Best know to Booth regulars as the musical mind behind

Get Right


Day Dreamin'


That's You

and more, Polygon is currently preparing to release both his retrospective mixtape,


, and

The Wolf In Cheap Clothing EP

, presented by DJBooth and 2DopeBoyz, dropping December 15 and featuring all new material.

In this

Booth-exclusive, five-question interview

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, Polygon talks about his refusal to make music on anything but his own terms, life as an independent artist and the need for the public to remove his, um, package from their,'ll just have to keep reading.

in reference to your new project, Catch Up, in what ways do you believe you’re an artist who is slept on or underrated?

I just feel I've made a lot of new fans in the past year as an independent artist. A lot of people only know me for

The Riot Song

. Others only for this or that record. I felt it necessary put all the songs from the beginning of my career to now all in one place and give people a chance to catch the fuck up.

In your hilarious new promo trailer you attend mock therapy. If you were a therapist, and not an artist, what is the best advice you could give yourself?

To cut my hair.

How do you respond to a listener who says they don't understand your lyricism or style?

First I'd take my penis out of their ear, then tell 'em they'll understand when they're older.

How does Johhny Polygon appeal to an audience outside of hip-hop, and what is it about your music that makes new fans feel welcome?

I never really think about "appealing" to anyone. I just do me and see what happens. Sometimes I'm fireworks, sometimes I'm a mess. No matter what I'm honest. I think people identify with that.

You often incorporate political satire into your music. How big of an impact does politics have on your artistry?

I'm a part of the community so I see things from this angle. I don't get political in my music too often, but when I do it's more of a question than an answer.

You are a very eclectic artist - describe your musical personality and explain how you challenge yourself?

I create from a completely blank slate. I feel like songs are already written and as an artist I just have to open myself up enough to be able to sing them. Not to sound like a hippie but it really is a stream of consciousness I try to tap into. Sometimes it's a melody, other times it's an ignorant irresponsible rap. I have no end goal when I write music. Just say fuck it and let it happen or not.

Final thoughts? Confessions? Shout outs?

Shouts to guys like you, 2DopeBoyz, & Orisue for supporting a dude on the indie grind. There's really nothing in it for you lol. Most importantly shout out to my fans new or old. Us vs them.



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