JUDAH x Dub MD Give You..."Here, Enjoy" [Download]


Washington, D.C. --


, the DMV beatsmith recently seen on


's "

I'm So LeBron, I'm So Kobe

," has teamed up with

Dub MD

to give listeners a little something to enjoy. Mixed by

DJ Beatstreet

, the producer's band new

Here, Enjoy

mixtape features instrumentals used by



Tabi Bonney



, and many more.

Here, Enjoy Tracklist:

01.) Intro - Skillz/Daytona Squared (Wale) (Produced By Judah)

02.) Infected - C-Rayz Walz (Produced By Judah)

03.) Studio 43 - Wale (Produced By Judah)

04.) Lord Give Me Another Day - Bad Boy Records (E Ness) (Produced By Judah)

05.) Bump, Bump - Wale (Michael Jackson Tribute) (Produced By Judah)

06.) Breaking Up - All the Lonely Souls Out There LOL (Produced By Judah)

07.) Her Love - UCB (Produced By Judah)

08.) 2008 Rap Up - JUDAH (Produced By Judah)

09.) Coldplay x Jay-Z Viva La Hova (Produced By Judah)

10.) Air Wacks - RAtheMC (Produced By Judah)

11.) Kick Rocks - Tabi Bonney (Produced By Judah)

12.) 2007 Rap Up - JUDAH (Produced By Judah)

13.) Lovely Sweetness (Produced By Judah)

14.) Love Leave (Produced By Judah)

15.) Say - John Mayer x Jay-Z (Grammy Remix Album) (Produced By Judah)

Download Here, EnjoyHere



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