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Kanye & Drake's Collab Album "Wolves" Would Break the Internet for Real

Kanye and Drake together, for a full-length project?
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Kanye West has a rare magnetism that draws our attention, his every word is documented, his every move chronicled. He’s evolved beyond a normal celebrity, his level of fame will only be achieved by an innovator with the passion of a madman and the ego of a Demi-God. There’s always something erupting from his spirit that grabs us by the soul and demands our heed.

When it was announced that he would be returning to the Breakfast Club, the internet rejoiced with a thrill that I haven’t seen since Boosie was released. The hour-long interview didn’t have a mundane moment, Yeezus threw lightning at Amber Rose, confirmed that the Yeezy Boost can walk on water, and hinted at a collaboration album with Drake...wait, what???? I was a bit surprised.

Kanye and Drake together, for a full-length project? 

This is the kind of album that is fantasized about, along with I Can’t Feel My Face and J. Cole and Kendrick’s untitled brainchild. I wanted to think logically, believe that this was an early April fool’s joke, but my imagination started running rampant, if this album happened, it would be bigger than Watch The Throne.

Normally, the idea of two superstars on separate labels coming together for a collaboration album is laughable. Labels don’t care about the artist desires, they aren’t worried about fans fantasies, this is the music business, and they’re all about the Benjamins. You really think Birdman or Jimmy Iovine or any label head would want to split a pot of gold? It’s nonsense to take half when you can have it all. If this was last year, I wouldn’t entertain the claim, but since Drake is being discharged from the Cash Money Army, the possibilities are endless. What if Drake drops Views From The 6 and his next label home is more accommodating—is a duo album still so impossible? Kanye said in the interview that release dates are yesterday’s fashion, so this album would be a secret, surprise release. Shambles, the internet would be shaken at its core. It would be an earthquake that could push California into the ocean.

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From what I can recall, Kanye has always been a huge fan of Drake. He directed the “Best I Ever Had” music video, delivered the production for “Find Your Love” and included him on the rarely mentioned "All of The Lights (Remix)." They haven’t collaborated much, but sonically, I imagine that “Wolves” is a potential blueprint for their combination. Kanye admits that Wolves is also the tentative title of their joint album, I’m assuming the song was crafted with both artists in mind. The song has only been performed live, without a proper CDQ, it’s hard to get the full experience, but those drums and Drake could be a monstrous combination.

'Ye is aware that Drake’s era begins in a post-808s & Heartbreak hip-hop, a soundscape he mastered, imagine if he expands that terrain, putting producers like 40 and Boi-1da in a room with Travi$ Scott, Plain Pat and No I.D. I’m certain Kanye wants to Auto-Tune croon, but he’s also been rapping lately, "Blessing" and "All Your Fault" showcases a Kanye that didn’t appear on Yeezus. He sounds reinvigorated, imagine if that vigor appeared on songs like "Know Yourself" or "Used To."

Kanye is hip-hop’s mad genius, Drake is hip-hop’s golden child, two artists at the height of their popularity, it’s almost too big to even fathom. If you watch the Breakfast Club interview, Kanye seems very passionate about rapping again, that’s what excites me most. Drake is competitive, Kanye is competitive, these two giants going toe to toe, imagine the bars? This isn’t Watch The Throne, two old friends enjoying their glory, but two rivals cementing themselves in history. I think the song “Drip-Drop” will get a GRAMMY before we get this album.

There’s a junkyard full of faux, fan-made album covers for collaboration albums that never came to fruition. Remember All City Chess Club? T-Wayne? Ab-Soul & JMSN? The last thing I want is to get your hopes up, but I can dream, right? 


By Yoh, aka DJBoothsVeryOwnYoh, aka @Yoh31



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