Kaotiq Simfoni Drops Nas x Jay-Z Remix Mixtape, "God's Black Son"


Ever since Danger Mouse dropped his Jay-Z meets The Beatles mash-up "The Grey Album" true hip-hop heads have been clamoring for a talented producer to combine enemies turned quasi-friends Jay-Z and Nas. The wait is over. Production duo

Kaotiq Simfoni

, composed of African-born brothers

Zimbabwe Kev


Zulu Faz

, have been locked in the studio for weeks crafting their upcoming "

God's Black Son

", a remix album that, as you should have guessed by now, marries two classic albums: Nas' "God's Son" and Jay-Z's "Black Album".

"God's Black Son" is proudly presented by DJBooth's partner site



Killa Gorillas Remix


Tunnel Vision Management

. For more on "God's Black Son", be sure to check out the project's

Facebook page


custom site

. Keep it locked for details surrounding a documentary about the making of "God's Black Son".

Download link is below the tracklist.

1) Heaven's 1st Song

2) Made You Justify

3) December 4th Warrior

4) Thugz Mansion (Worldwide)

5) Cross the Moment of Clarity

6) Get What More

7) A Mastermind's Threat

8) Last Real Announcement

9) Dirt Off Warrior

10) Zone 99

Download "God's Black Son" Directly via RefinedHype.com



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