The Best & (Mostly) Worst Lines From Wiz Khalifa's "28 Grams" Mixtape

Wiz Khalifa is back with a brand new mixtape full of lines that barely make sense. Let's dig in...

Yup. We did it, we

shut down RefinedHype and brought it over to DJBooth

. The name might change, but as we've been saying the content wont. Case in point, this Pulitzer worthy piece of journalism.

Whenever a big project drops, we used to recap the best and worst lines form said project. So, a few days after Wiz Kahlifa dropped his

28 Grams tape

, we figured what better way to prove to you we haven't changed, than spending the day over analyze the lyrics? Wiz is no Nas and nobody is expecting him to be; half the fun is laughing at the absurdity of the weed-laced bars.

Speaking of which....

Aw Shit:

"You niggas so broke, you sold Homie the Clown"

Obviously, Homey the clown is

a In Living Color reference

, but I'm not quite sure what the broke part has to do with it. I haven't seen In Living Color since I was like eight, so maybe I am missing something, but until someone explains it, I'm gonna assume it makes no sense. (Note: Could he be saying "You so Homie the Clown"?)


"Ass so fat, look swollen"

Call me crazy, but this sounds kind of gross. I mean if I saw a girl with an swollen ass, I'd ask her if she sat on a bees nest or needs medical assistance. But hey, swollen is a relative term, especially when your wife looks like




"One minute on the team, next minute they ain't withcha/Like the ho from the Clippers"

Not a bad line. Granted V. Stiviano never played for the Clippers, but a timely reference nonetheless. Actually, it's the first rap reference to the fiasco I have heard; congrats, Wiz!

James Bong:

"In her mouth like dentist"

This one is good for a chuckle, but do you really want Wiz performing dental work? Last thing anyone needs is to go in for a cleaning and come out with a

goofy tooth. I want to rip that damn thing out, it drives me nuts.

What It's Hitting:

"Walked up in this bitch like Woow"

As a rapper, I imagine Wiz has seen some shit. I mean when you are paid to travel around the world to perform and party with the rich and famous, you are definitely going to be a little jaded. That's why I'm dying to know just what it was exactly about this particular "bitch" he walked in that made him surprised. Clowns? Pizza Roll appetizers? Pineapple Express on Blu-Ray? What?!?!


"Thought I had a problem went to see the preacher man/Said “Ain’t nothing wrong you been smoking gas man”

First and foremost, I want to point out that ever single line of this song ends with "man". I'd love to know what denomination Khalifa belongs to. Any preacher who is so caviler about one of his members borderline weed addiction is the one I want to hear on Sunday. Communion is probably a pop tart and some bubbly.

Get That Zip:

"I was smoking trees at the party acting gnarly"

A.) Who uses the word "gnarly" besides Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted?

B.) Weed makes nobody gnarly...hungry yes, but never gnarly.


"In that new Murcielago, we ride foreign/Nelly Furtado hit the gas"

Nelly Furtado is Canadian....that's hardly foreign. A Toyota is more exotic than Nelly. I would have gone with Monica Bellicui or some other famous Italian to go along with the Murcielago theme. On the other hand, "

Turn Off The Light

" is a banger.


"And when we smoke, we gotta use some incense"

Wiz raps about smoking in front of cops, smoking on planes, and rolling around with weed on him; clearly, he has no regard for marijuana laws. However, here, he wants to mask the smell with incense? What's different about this time? Is he smoking in the White House?

Like Jimmy:

"I woke up in a bed full of bitches that I ain't even fuckin'/Fell asleep in a bed full of bitches that I ain't even fuckin"

I always wonder how it works with rappers who are married. Like they all talk about waking up with different models or getting blowjobs from every girl in the state, but they aren't actually doing it right? Is there some sort of open arrangement between Wiz and Amber or does he just sleep with them and not actually sleep with them? This is the most honest line in recent memory. He says "fell asleep in a bed full of bitches that I ain't even fuckin" I hear "If I slept with any of these girls Amber would toss my skinny ass to the curb"


"Ball hog, go hard for a living/Still cheese, eggs, in my kitchen"

Wiz may go hard, ball out, and spend more money than you and I can even imagine, but at the end of the day, he's just a humble guy with cheese and eggs in the fridge. No matter how rich you are, breakfast food is still delicious.

Jim Brown:

"Why you with fuckin' with a n***a if he ain't fuckin' with a real ni***a when you see him?"

Wiz uses the N-word on this song...a lot. It would make Michael Richards blush. This line in particular took me minute to comprehend, so many different layers; N-word game inception.

Up Down:

"Rolling up ‘cause that’s all that I know"..."I get money ‘cause that’s all that I know"...Yeah, bomb weed and its all that I know"

You can't just say all you know is rolling up and then a few lines later say all you know is getting money; people don't forget. Feel like this is more or less his resume.

On the Way:

"I rap what you thinking, I'm smoking, I'm drinking"

If he really rapped what I was thinking the lines would read something like "Oh another weed reference...original" and "Why does this song sound like a Migos track?"

Word On The Town:

"I don't wanna fuck your bitch cause the ho is too slutty/Jaws too nutty, kiss her lips - you eat a dick"

It's easy (and fun) to be snarky and nit-picky, but this one is dope. Absurd, yes, but dope. nonetheless. "Jaws too nutty" made me both audibly laugh and cringe. Creative line...gross...but creative nonetheless.

On A Plane:

"Can you stand to sit for 14 hours on the plane"

Depends....what's the in-flight movie?


"Twisting up our fingers, all in your face like what's happenin"

Image placeholder title

Comb Over:

"Probably high/what they say when they see us"

Who ever says "Wiz Khalifa is probably high" doesn't know Wiz Khalifa very well. Like saying "ODB is probably drunk" or "Danny Brown is probably rolling"

The Last:

"Flow tighter than the clothes on the nigga who fight crime"

Boom. Another diamond in the rough; I liked those one. I would have guess "flow tighter than my J's" or some boring, played out weed reference, but Mr. Khalifa flexes his lyrical prowess and takes it a different direction. Okay, "lyrical prowess" may not be the right word, but either way a rare "best" line.

Handle My Biz:

"Feelin' like a Beatle, god damn, John Lennon/Put my finger on the trigger, I be sprayin' for a minute"

Not Wiz' line, but was too good to pass up. OG John Lennon; he sprayed so many fools back in the day.

My Nigs:

"My dawgs scroll up, my dawgs roll up/Your dawgs ain't loyal, your dawgs fall short/Man them niggas ain't my niggas/Man them niggas ain't my dawgs/Man them niggas ain't my niggas/Man them niggas ain't my dawgs"

Enough with the dawg stuff! Wiz Khalifa, the lost member of the

Baha Men


How To Be Real:

"I don't drink n' drive she taking the wheel"

So smoking and driving is totally fine, but Wiz won't drink and drive... stoner logic

Something Special:

"Pedicure, Manny, full massage with the face scrub/Smokin' O-G, fuck the police"

I feel like these are two very conflicting bars. The first sounds like it might come from Iggy Azalea and the second from Easy-E. How do you go from getting your nails done to "fuck the police"? All that exfoliating really brings out the wild side of Wiz.


"She was burnin' on The Chronic/Thunder beat the Lakers now there ain't no Super Sonics"

"It Was A Good Day" reference? Has to be right. If so, a million points go to Wiz.


"Oh yea, you know the business/ I swear that pussy is the business"

Terrible. Doesn't rhyme, doesn't make sense, sounds awkward. I don't have anything snarky to say, It's just a flat out bad line.

OG Bobby Johnson

"Shit, 'bout to go D-Wade, hit 'em with the heat"

Hit em with the second best gun. hit 'em with the gun that was really good like six years ago and now rides the back of a bigger, more athletic gun.

Won't Stop:

"She say I'm the man, can't keep her face out my pants"

Made me laugh, so bonus points here. Wiz is never gonna blow you away with a crazy metaphor, but sometimes the lines are so over the top or ridiculous you can't help but like 'em.

The Rain:

"Need my paper straight, no typos"

A Wiz line that works on two levels! Of course the levels are weed (rolling papers) and money so it's not exactly complicated, but layered nonetheless.

Different So Fast:

"I'm rubbin' with my chick, paparazzi on my dick/Everytime I come around, they wanna take a pic"

I don't buy it. I doubt Wiz is a high value TMZ target. Talk to Kanye, that man has real paparazzi problems.

As I said before, Wiz is no Shakespeare. If you are going into this looking for some deep bars about the human condition or some great storytelling you will be disappointed. However, when you want to obliterate your face with weed, this is probably the tape for you. This is mainly a collection of "worst lines" more so than "best and worst", but that's on Wiz not me. I call 'em as I see 'em. This was actually hard-work though, I feel like I need a smoke break...wonder where I got that idea.

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