Killer Mike's "I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind" Drops Oct. 31st


Killer Mike

I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind

(Double CD)


Disc 1

1. The Pledge (Intro)

2. Comin' Home Atlanta

3. The Juggernaut

4. F*ck You Pay Me

5. The Next B*tch

6. H.N.I.C. feat. Rock D the Legend, S.L. Jones, Gangsta Pill

7. One More Gram feat. Chemiere

8. I'm A Shine feat. S.L. Jones & Da Bill Collector

9. Hot 107.9 Interview

10. Promise I Will Not Lose

11. Gat Totin' feat. S.L. Jones & Nario

12. G.T.R.G. feat. Grind Time Rap Gang

Disc 2

1. That's Life

2. Dueces Wild

3. What Da Bizness Is feat. Bigg Slimm, Da Bill Collector & Gangsta Pill

4. Sags 'N Flags (Introducing S.L. ! Jones)

5. I.C. Yah feat. Da Bill Collector

6. Shoot 'Em Up feat. Nario

7. Killers

8. Paystyle feat. Grind Time Rap Gang

9. Gorilla Pimpin' feat. 8Ball & MJG

10. You Don't Want This Life

11. The Pledge (Outro)

12. Kryptonite Remix (Bonus Track)


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