Lil' Flip Is Back, Now Running With Asylum


New York, NY -- Asylum/Warner Bros., Kingpin Entertainment Group and platinum-selling rap star Lil Flip is pleased to announce Flip’s first single and video world premier of “Ghetto Mindstate” featuring Lyfe Jennings on BET “Access Granted” Wednesday, January 10th in the 7:30PM hour. “Ghetto Mind State” is the first single from Flip’s upcoming CD I Need Mine, which is his first release on Asylum/Warner Bros. since his departure from Sony Music last year. I Need Mine is set for release Spring 2007.

“Ghetto Mindstate” was produced by The Symphony, the same dynamic team that co-produced and co- wrote Lil Flip’s 2004 summer smash “Sunshine” and numerous others on Lil Flip’s upcoming album “I Need Mine”.

“Ghetto MindState” was directed by Bernard Gourley and stars Tristan Wilde who plays the smart and loyal observer Michael Lee from the hit HBO TV show “The Wire.” The video is a depiction of Lil Flip’s life as a young man. It’s not only autobiographical but it also speaks to individuals who are either in the ghetto, or came from the ghetto and still possess that state of mind.



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Executive Producer and Lil Flip Manager Sandy Lal of Kingpin Entertainment states, “Ghetto Mindstate’ is a social masterpiece. It’s a true, heartfelt and relevant look into Flip’s life. With the current state of hip- hop, we decided not to run with your typical club banger/street anthem first single, but instead one that is thought-provoking. That’s also why we carefully chose Lyfe Jennings’ vocals on the tracks and Tristan Wilde’s visuals in the video (Tristan plays a young Flip) to help bring this vision to life.”

“People always talk about how they are trapped in the hood and how they can’t get out, but what I tell people when they say that to me is that ‘you’re not trapped in the hood your mind is,’” states Lil Flip. “People really need to be uplifted and break out of that mind frame so we can win.”

“Ghetto MindState” is a testament to Flip’s mission to be more than a party man, baller and freestyle king. “I want people to really know who Flip is, know my story and what I went through,” says Flip. The video depicts a story that any man, woman, or child from the inner city can relate to and open the eyes of those who identify with the mental struggle. Flip releases a classic with “Ghetto Mind State” Hip hop is dead? I think not.