Lil' Flip Storms Soundscan Charts


New York, NY -- Lil’ Flip’s highly anticipated I Need Mine comeback album is a commercial smash. The Houston rapper’s first Warner Bros./Asylum album entered the SoundScan Top Rap Albums chart at #4 Rap, the Top R&B Album at #8 and is #14 in sales on the Top Albums chart. SoundScan charts represent album sales in the U.S.

Backing up the lofty chart positioning, acclaim has been flowing for Flip and I Need Mine. New York Times says, “[Flip]'s back to being a genial charmer,” while Billboard magazine wrote that I Need Mine is, “a stronger-than-expected collection with several hit- sounding singles (‘Busta Clip,’ ‘Starched and Clean’) and some genuinely melodic moments, like the acoustic-flavored ‘Find My Way’ and ‘Single Mother.’” The Boston Globe says, “Flip still slings slang with fluidity and spits with overflowing confidence."

Part of Flip’s appeal -- which led to the platinum-plus success of his two previous national albums, 2002’s Undaground Legend and 2004's U Gotta Feel Me -- is that he is able to present his street appeal on commercially viable music. The trend continues on I Need Mine. "This CD is the best example of where I am right now," Flip declares. "I've got records for the ladies. I've got street records, club records. I'm really proud of the album because I'm bringing everything I've got and I guarantee that the fans won't be disappointed."