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"Live Life 2" & OG Maco's Move to Avoid One-Hit Wonder Status


Atlanta is stampeding through hip-hop in 2014. It’s like watching a baby boom of unorthodox misfits who are achieving maximum impact with eccentric styles and charismatic personalities. For example: Young Thug, Makonnen, K-Camp, Awful Records, Key!, Two9, I could open up a Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters with only ATL-based artists. Their mentality isn’t about bringing hip-hop back, they aren’t stuck in a 90’s state of mind, they’re completely creating their own unique paths. But the question remains; who’s going to survive in this fickle, microwave industry? Is YC still making racks on racks? Is Ca$h Out still cashing out? Is Mykko Montana still making the people “Do It”? Atlanta is the breeding ground for both wondrous talent, and one-hit wonders. That one single doesn’t equal longevity, that record deal doesn’t come with a 401K, and a big remix won’t last until 3005.

OG Maco is the latest ATLien to gain notoriety. U Guessed It went from drunken studio session to Vine hilarity and now its buy-momma-a-mansion status. When I first heard it, on the Give Em Hell EP, the rage fueled yelling didn’t scream global takeover to my ears. That kind of aggression can only be inspired by a gut full of Hennessy and a double shot of frustration; it should be inciting riots like a modern day "Knuck If U Buck," but that didn’t stop Vine users from making the bull like anger into something whimsical. We witnessed the eight-second global marketing campaign work with the Shmony Dance, now Maco is reaping similar benefits.



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If you whisper your voice will fall on deaf ears and so OG Maco has once again left his inside voice on his new Live Life 2 mixtape. He wants you to hear him loud and clear, and hear that there's more up his sleeves than "U Guessed It." Live Life 2 is like listening to a volcano erupt, explosive, destructive, burning whatever is in its path. The intensity is screamo meets rap, his un-tamed rage is Hulk like, Bruce Banner if he was born in Collage Park. Songs like "Gang" and "Unleash The Kraken" are thunderous while "Sheesh 2" and "Broke Or Rich 2" show Maco isn’t just a ticketing time-bomb of aggression.

If I had to simplify my opinion of OG Maco into one word it would be "entertaining." What I get from his music is a surge of energy, excitement and the urge to punch a hole in an expensive wall. What he lacks in lyrical miracles is made up in overwhelming personality, passion and production that are fitting for his vigorous delivery (shout out to Cardo). I'm not a big fan of the Auto-Tuned crooning hooks, but that’s where my disdain for his music begins and ends. While people debate if he’ll be the next Trinidad Jame$, Maco is flooding the net, extending his 15 minutes with every video and feature. He has a notable determination to succeed, not taking any of this acclaim for granted. It’s hard to predict who will last in Atlanta, there’s just too many factors at play. It’s easier just to be entertained, enjoy without being transfixed on who will be working at Waffle House in six months (oh, hey there YC).

I thought Future Hendrix would be mentioned in the past-tense by now, and Based God knows I was far from right.

[By Yoh, AKA YohGG, AKA @Yoh31]



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