LL Cool J's Final "Exit 13" Track Listing Revealed


New York, NY -- On September 9, rapper

LL Cool J

will release "Exit 13," the 13th and final album from his original

Def Jam

recording contract. Below is the final track listing from the forthcoming release.

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Track listing


1. It’s Time For War

2. Old School New School

3. Feel My Heart Beat (feat. 50 Cent)

4. Get Over Here (feat. It’s Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal & Ticky Diamondz)

5. Baby (feat. The Dream)

6. You Better Watch Me

7. Cry

8. Baby “Rock Remix” (feat. Richie Sambora)

9. Rocking With The G.O.A.T.

10. This Is Ring Tone M… (feat. Grandmaster Caz)

11. Like A Radio (feat. Ryan Leslie)

12. I Fall In Love (feat. Elan of The DEY)

13. Ur Only A Customer

14. Mr. President (feat. Wyclef Jean)

15. American Girl

16. Speedin On Da Highway/Exit 13 (feat. Funkmaster Flex)

17. Come And Party With Me (feat. Fat Joe and Sheek Louch)

18. We Rollin’

19. Dear Hip Hop


LL Cool J art by Ryan Robinson

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