Lloyd Photo Shoot, New Release Date for "Lessons In Love"


Atlanta, GA -- On August 5,


will release his third studio album, "Lessons In Love." The LP was originally supposed to drop on July 22, but was recently pushed back two weeks to it's new date. Llyod's current single, "

Girls All Around The World

," is steadily rising up the charts.

Listen to Lloyd's


inside the DJBooth.

Below you will find a tracklisting for "Lessons In Love" and photos for Lloyd's recent shoot.

LESSONS IN LOVE - Tracklisting

1. Sex Education

2. Girls Around The World feat. Lil’ Wayne

3. Treat U Good

4. Year of the Lover

5. I Can Change Your Life

6. Lose Your Love

7. Have My Baby

8. Love Making 101

9. Party All Over Your Body

10. A Day In The Life

11. Touched By An Angel

12. I’m Wit It

13. Heart Attack


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