Teach Me To Love Dipset


Back in high school, we had yearbook pages, where put took photos, quotes or pretty much anything else they could think of and squeeze it into one personal page. I spent about ten minutes on mine - because who gives a shit about some pictures when you are graduating high school? - but people really fucking went all out. Still, one of the more memorable ones was a kid who put Juelz Santana lyrics all over his page.. This kid, too, was particularly terrible. The kind of kid who acts so tough and so cool to overcompensate for his lacking of both that it's almost sad more than it was annoying.

Anyway, I had been a casual Juelz fan, but something abotu seeing "

Rumble Young Man Rumble

" lyrics on the page of a rich white kid at a private school turned me off to him completely. In fact, I think that is the perfect metaphor for all of dipset. Aside from "

Hey Ma

" and "

Down And Out

" I have never really been too into the whole Dipset team. They were like that kid, something about them just rubbed me the wrong way. So, when I saw Dipset had a new single, I went on living my life, but apparently the rest of the world is super excited. As is the case most of the time (when my thoughts and opinions idffer from the norm), I want to know why.

This is how important Dipset is to me. If you had told me they were making a comeback, I would have asked you if they ever really left. It has literally been years since I listened to or thought about anything Dipset related and their fade into the background went completely unnoticed. I may sound like a hater, but really, there is no ill will in my heart towards them. Cam, and the rest of the crew for that matter, are fine rappers, but I always thought their music lacked a little something.

Honestly, that's the way I thought the rest of the world felt. For years, we have heard demands for new albums from Outkast, Dre (Detox anyone), and even 50 Cent lately, but I never heard anyone say, "man what ever happened to Dipset?" At least not in my circle. So, now that we have one, it seems odd for people to be so excited. Maybe 15-year-old Lucas would be pumped, but now, I just don't see the big deal. Honestly, all these guys seem like mediocre, or in Cam's case, slightly above average emcees. 2003 is over and so with it was an age of rappers who are fun, but not what I would call great. But don't tell these people.

Okay, so maybe I hated a little bit at the end, but that wasn't my intention. I am not writing this to be a contrarian or a hater, I merely am surprised at everyone's excitement over Dipset;  I mean sure A-Trak's beat fucking knocks (and is far and away the best part of the song) but this isn't a groundbreaking track. I am writing this article because I genuinely want the rundown on Dipset. I have to be missing something, what is it? Can someone give me a guide to this Dipset comeback?  I feel like there is something else to this (especially after Not You's tweet) and I genuinely want to understand.

If anyone can fill me in it's RefinedHype Nation.

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth.net and RefinedHype. He does not have a beard. You can tweet him your favorite Migos songs at