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5 Mac Miller Songs Even Haterz Love


Unlike most of the subjects for these "

Haterz Love

" pieces, I don't actually have any hate for Mac Miller; it's more like apathy. Mac is like a tuna sandwich for lunch. I don't hate it, but won't get excited for it either, and while I won't have any complaints in the moment, it's not like I'll be thinking of that sandwich a week later...but I could probably go for one again. Still, there are plenty of you who hate him (not exactly sure why), so when Mac pulled a Beyonce and dropped his

Faces album

by surprise yesterday, I thought what better way to celebrate than with a

Haterz Love

piece. Put down the haterade and enjoy!

"Extra Extra"

Mac's flow can be a little monotonous and well, boring-sometimes, but here his low-key, bare-bones style works very well. This verse is simple yet engaging and relatable and he seems to rap so effortlessly atop Khrysis' stellar production. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but some pure, relatable hip-hop...and Rapsody! It may be simple, but this track


puts a smile on my face.

"Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza"

If you say you hate this song than I can only assume you hate hip-hop. Mac may lack a little energy at times, but he never lacks personality; the guy is so genuine and it comes through in his rhymes. Nothing he will do here will blow you away, but sometimes the simple shit is more effective than any trap beat or bootytastic line. This is about as bare-bones as hip-hop get and I love it. I don't think too many rappers could survive on something as understated as this but Mac shines bright. Plus that (


) Lord Finesse sample shows he really knows his hip-hop. Don't gotta like him, but how is it possible to hate this guy?

"Donald Trump"



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Back in college, when my backpacking was on another level, I hated Mac Mille,r but truth be told, I had no real reason to. It was just the thing to do because he was an easy target. I had a friend who swore by "Donald Trump" and I always dissed him for it...until he actually played it for me. I tried really hard to hate this song, but it's damn near impossible; heck I still want to hate it, but just can't. An infectious beat, some fun, carefree lyrics, and a simple hook to sing along with. Plus Mac brings up the energy a little bit which is a nice change of pace. I love this song, just don't tell anyone.

"Best Day Ever"

Of all Mac's more laid back efforts, this one is definitely the strongest. Sometimes, I lose interest in his flow because it lacks a needed kick, but here it's absolutely perfect. Sure it's still on the I-just-smoked-seven-blunts relaxed side of things, but there is a understated passion and his heart shines through. Plus he really hits some impressive lines like that one section of the second verse; he is laid-back, but still fluid and surgical. I think a lot of emcees would struggle atop something so, minimalist, but it really brings out the best in Mac. I go from not caring to really rooting for him and that means this one is a success.

"Happy Birthday"

Who says new shit can't be dope? This effort off the new


album is one of his coolest since these other cut were released. While it might be as cool, it is definitely more unique and downright funky. The beat is much different than the other songs I picked, but I still really dig it. In addition to being a nice-guy, I get the since that Mac is also a little strange. Sometimes he chooses an abstract lane and it doesn't always work (see

Watching Movies With The Sound Off

) but here it's really dope. This is a very refreshing, unique effort and I could see it staying in rotation even longer than these other ones except for "Extra Extra" I play that shit weekly). It doesn't have to come from

Best Day Ever

to be dope, even now Mac is still a cool cat.

I have to say, though I didn't hate him to begin with, I definitely feel a lot better about Mac after doing this. At first he was a tuna sandwich, but now he is more like a Chicken Salad sandwich. Not your typical chicken salad, but one with like grapes and seeds or some shit in it, that make sit more enjoyable and more memorable. I still won;t eat it everyday, but I'll be a lot more excited about it than I am about tuna. In fact, I don't really see how anyone can hate Mac. You don't have to love his much, but he seems like a good dude who has fun rapping. What's not to love?

Might have to go on a Mac Miller kick. Any suggestions RefinedHype Nation?

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