Get Into Your Opponent's Head With the "Madden 12 Smack Shack" Facebook App

New "Smack-Talking" lets you take your game to the psychological level with video and more!
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New York, N.Y. -- Getting inside your opponent’s head is key to owning them in


. For the first time,


is focusing on you and your rivals' antics to promote this year's new game.

If you want to get deep inside your opponent’s head, see how he reacts when you check into his mom’s house.


created a Facebook app that lets you do this and much more.

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to download the app and see for yourself!

Here is an example of some of the other Facebook mind-bombs that you can customize and post on your rival’s wall:

*Check in with your rivals mom at a swiss chalet

*Change your relationship status with their future wife as their yoga pal

*Tag yourself in photos of your rival's girlfriend

*Create an event with your rivals ex-girlfriend to go shopping for some hot pants

Fans can also send over 15 smack-talking videos, starring eight different NFL athletes (Mark Sanchez, DeSean Jackson, Ray Lewis, Tim Tebow, Peyton Hillis, Jared Allen, Arian Foster and Ladainian Tomlinson), to their Facebook friends from the Madden Smack Shack app.



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