Sorry Guys, But There's Entirely Too Much A** In Major Lazer's NSFW "Bubble Butt" Music Video


In the great words of the Ying Yang Twins, "booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere." That's basically

Major Lazer's

"Bubble Butt" music video in a nutshell. I understand that the derrière holds an unfortunate place in the Hip-Hop hierarchy, but the amount of a** being thrown at us in Major Lazer's latest visual is a little excessive. The song is titled "Bubble Butt," so of course you're going to expect an ample amount of cheeks, but damn. You've got chubby cheeks, pale cheeks, fake cheeks, just cheeks galore.

I almost feel like I have to watch two Big K.R.I.T. videos, listen to at least one KRS-One song, and read one chapter of "Atlas Shrugged" to repair the damage the "Bubble Butt" video has likely done to my brain...and my eyes. And my ears are probably screwed up too since "Bubble Butt" is also quite the wack record.

I'm sure you guys love your

"Mystery Booty of the Week"

just as much as the next dude, but is a video like "Bubble Butt" a** overload?