Kevin Nottingham Presents "Mama Said Knock You Out" 20th Anniversary Remix Album [Download]


New York, N.Y. -- On August 27, 1990,

L.L. Cool J

released his classic fourth full-length,

Mama Said Knock You Out

. To celebrate the seminal set's 20th anniversary,

Kevin Nottingham

has assembled an all-star cast of artists and producers for a new

remix album

, built from the same samples

Marley Marl

flipped to create the original's iconic beats. Featuring

King Mez

' revamp of "

Milky Cereal

" and

The Black Sunn & 810

's take on "

Mr. Good Bar

," plus contributions from

Senor Kaos


Streets Buchanon


John Public

and many more, the project is available for free download at the link below!

Download Mama Said Knock You Out 20th Anniversary Remix Album Here!