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Off the Burner & Into The Spotlight: Meet AdELA


The name Adela means noble and serene, and whether her parents had the foresight to envision the kind of artist their child would someday become or it's a fortunate coincidence, noble and serene describes AdELA's music perfectly. 

It's been a few years now since the Florida singer made her debut on our pages and in that time she's taken a journey that has her finally ready to unleash her Off the Burner EP as a more versatile and complete artist. So what better time to meet AdELA? That was a rhetorical question, there's no better time. Below find out about her experience with Snooki, why she and STREETRUNNER make a good team and her plans for a hip-hop super group. 

It's been a few years since you announced the Off the Burner EP, how has the project changed throughout the years? 

"I experimented with the sound for the past couple of years.  The final product is something that STREETRUNNER and I put together in a matter of a few months. It came so natural for the both of us. We knew exactly what type of sound we wanted and there was a very organic flow to it."

You contacted Snooki via Twitter last year, and after hearing your demo she signed you to her music branding company. What's it like having Snooki as an A&R? How has her expertise improved your artistry? 

"She was a great person but ultimately being signed to her was part of me experimenting with my sound.  She opened doors for me in a totally different market but ultimately I came back to my urban roots. Sometimes it's necessary to try different things in order to really find yourself." 



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Your chemistry with STREETRUNNER is undeniable. Will the Grammy award winning producer be handing all the production on Off The Burner?

"There is no doubt he will be handling all of the production in one aspect or another. He is a creative genius when it comes to envisioning the end product so he is great at putting the pieces together for me. We have a trust that comes with a lot of years of work together and we are both confident that we have a classic on our hands. We built a project that put me in my own lane with my own sound and as an artist you can't ask for anything better."

In 2010 you worked with Lil Wayne, but since no other rapper has been featured on your records. Is there any new artist out that you would like to work with?

"Honestly I got to a point that if I needed a rap feature I did it myself.  I really wanted to get to the point artistically where I could jump back and forth between singing and rapping and I definitely did it on this project.  But there are some dope features coming and I'm keeping it as a surprise for the fans."

If you could pick one 90's R&B group to join, which would it be and why? 

"Can I form my own group with DJ Premier and Nas?  Because that would be my definition of a SUPER GROUP!" 

Keep an ear out for Off The Burner and much more music from AdELA by keeping a tab on her DJBooth artist page and following her on Twitter (@adelamusic). As for that super group with Premo and Nas, we're on it....

[Nathan S. is the managing editor of The DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. He also occasionally talks in podcast form and appears on RevoltTV. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.]


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