Meet Alison Wonderland, Music's New Genre-Breaker (Video)


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It's hard to know where genres begin and end anymore. Take Alison Wonderland, a rising Sydney DJ, producer and artist who makes what might be called Electronic, except there's some serious hip-hop influence, and she won't hesitate to add someone like Wayne Coyne, the Flaming Lip's avant-garde indie rock frontman, to a song whose video features an intimidating McLovin cameo. It's music that defies any easy categorization, which is exactly the kind of music we love, and exactly why we had to sit down with Wonderland to learn about the woman behind all that blending.  

Above, Alison takes us all the way back to the beginning, when she was making music in her kitchen, and details why she keeps her roles as a DJ and producer so separate. And then below, you can get a real sense of who she is as a person as she talks about her hip-hop background (including a love for SpaceGhostPurrp), her upcoming Coachella show, her mom's obsession with Drake, and more.  

[Video and editing by EriksonCorniel.]


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