Railroads Down: Meet Eric Biddines


After making his DJBooth debut, Eric Biddines was absent for a little while. Two years to be exact. A two year hiatus is a long break, but when you come back with the quality of music that Eric has unleashed, it's hard to complain. With his two features in the last two weeks, Eric's name is ringing out to DJBooth Nation, and so we thought there'd be no better time than now to get to know the South Florida native.

With an album on the horizon, it's time to Meet Eric Biddines.

Where's the inspiration for making a unique song like "Railroads Down" come from? Was there one thing/song/artist/experience in particular?

I wanted to produce a very visual song, replace myself with a character from a certain time. I combined that idea with an older concept in which I wanted to produce a very minimalistic beat. I produced "Railroads" from scratch. The slave theme fit perfectly and it gave me the opportunity to touch on a sensitive subject.

Why did you decide to re-release planetcoffeebean 2? How did you approach putting it together?

When I was originally approached by Richie Abbot (Juggernaut Sound) to work together I was already sitting on visuals, an album and ideas. We planned to start at square one. "Railroads Down/Unfinished" was obviously a song that couldn't be overlooked, so we all agreed to shoot the video and transition. Luckily for me, MTV Jams picked it up and next thing you know, I'm exposed to an audience that wanted more and there was no time for anyone to do research. I created new album art, the deluxe booklet myself, we hooked up Empire Distribution to come with a deluxe package, new songs, a part two of "Railroads." It's like spending all Sunday making this amazing dinner, but everyone's full already. All we did was put the plate in the microwave to serve it hot at a better time. The people still got to eat.

Clearly, you are a fan of the Cosby show. Which is a better episode, the one where Theo get his ear pierced or the one where Denise makes Theo the shirt?



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Definitely the episode Theo got his ear pierced! I actually did that exact same thing when I was 12. I had to numb my lobe with ice and burn the tip of a needle. I wanted to be cool so bad lol. I hid it for a week from my mom. It also got infected like Theo's. Not because I wasn't an amazing DIY ear piercer but because I used a fake earring. My mom's boyfriend gave me his 24kt gold loop and it was ugly and too big because I have small ears. I was so afraid of going to school on Monday.

What is the correct pronunciation of your last name? What's the worst attempt you have ever heard?  

Biddines is pronounced Bid-dens. It's always funny when people say Bid-dinez or give an attempt at something cool like Eric Business! What's the Eric Business? 

Write a Haiku about the next piece of music you plan to release. If you are feeling generous, tell us the name and a date we might get to hear it.

To do the unthinkable
Inspiring the culture

Pushing the mind to 
levels unimaginable 

Fly, Impossible, Rules 
are non existent. Become the Elephant 
with wings that could fly.

Elephant Wings LP 
Date: TBD 

Now that Eric is here to stay, be sure to check his artist page early and often, and if you really want to stay in the know, shoot him a follow @EricBiddines. Oh and be sure to check out planetcoffeebean 2, which drops October 7 and is now available for pre-order via iTunes.

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