Meet Fanesha Fabre, the Voice Behind the "La Musica De Harry Fraud" Drop


Twitter is a crazy thing.

One minute you are writing an article about how you love hearing the "la musica de Harry Fraud" drop and the next minute you are instantly connected with the person who actually says "la musica de Harry Fraud."

Holy shit! It's actually here. All these years of wondering who that was (or even if it was a real person) and now I'm talking to her! I couldn't leave it there, though. If I've learned anything about "journalism" it's that you always follow up on a lead. So that's what I did. I shot Fanesha Fabre - musician, producer, woman behind the most famous drop in rap - a few hard hitting questions about the drop, and of course, her music, because this is exactly the kind of thing I get way too excited about. 

Meet Fanesha Fabre:

Can you tell the story of how that drop got recorded, how many takes it took, and how Harry decided to start using it regularly?

"Fraud was one of the first people I worked with...when I moved to NYC. He had a recording studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn and we all use to spend our nights there making music. One night while Fraud was out of the studio me and his right hand man where joking around in the booth and I started improvising, speaking Spanish and giving a Harry Fraud music lesson. There was only one take which was one long recording of me just chatting in Spanish. The next day Fraud sends me a message telling me that he heard what we did and liked one particular part of the recording and asked if he could use it for his beats and that is where it all began. I became immortalized through his beats."

What's it like to hear your voice at the beginning of some huge songs?

"To be honest, I don’t think about it much. I hear it and other people get excited, but if you are let’s say a songwriter or a musician, when you write  a song, or sing a song, it is very hard for you to have a reaction as a third party. It’s your work so you can’t really hear it with fresh ears. I hear the drop and the same thing happens. I know it's me, but I don’t hear it as a third party. I may have gotten giddy the first couple of times, but now sometimes I hear a car outside my apartment with French Montana playing and my voice is there and I’m like.. oh there I go.. and then I go on about my day."

Do you have a favorite song where your drop is used?

"I would say “Shot Caller” I really love that beat."

How has the drop helped your music career, if at all?

"People think it’s pretty cool that I’m the person behind that drop and I mention it on my bio just as I would mention any other collaboration. But I don’t blatantly use it to get ahead or to get things.That’s not my style. That drop was just a cool thing that happened between friends. I don’t exploit it, that was between family."

Speaking of la musica de Fanesha Fabre, you dropped The Pros and Cons of Being A Free Spirit EP this year. Do you have a favorite song off the project? One that you would want someone who hasn't heard your music to listen to first.

"I think 'THE NIGHT” is my favorite one out of of them. That song was what set the tone for the EP. It was the first one I made and the one that I think represents where I want to head with music from here on. It was also my first shot at producing after so many years of wanting to do it. So it has a special place in my heart."

Describe your next release using only adjectives in Spanish. Be sure to include the name of the song or project and when we might hear it.

"WELLLLL, I can’t talk about my next release yet. It is at the beginning stages and it is very new. I tend to be a little careful with the new stuff just because midway thru projects things change and I don’t like to set anything in stone early on. HOWEVER, I can tell you the name of the release. That will never change….. “DELICATE PIECE OF MACHINERY.” Should be one possibly mid next year. and adjectives in Spanish to describe it? Fuerte, mecanico, espacial y intenso."

If you are a true rap nerd, someone who really loves digging into everything nook and cranny of everything rap related, you know just how I feel right now. A light has opened up from the heavens. I finally know the deal with the drop I have heard, and said, seven billion times. Seriously, sometimes, just randomly, I'll say "La musica de Harry Fraud" as I go on about my day. Now I finally know the who, what, where, and why! Go me!

If you have the same accomplished, satisfied feeling that I do, than this article was written just for you, plus now you can impress your friends next time "Shot Caller" gets played. No need to thank us. Many thanks to Fanesha for being so awesome and of course, for the drop. Be sure to follow her (@FaneshaFabre) and check the DJBooth for updates.

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