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Meet Jonwayne


The whole point of

the "Meet" pieces

is to show you something new, something different,something you might otherwise miss because it doesn't fall into the hip-hop category. Usually, since y'all know nearly every rapper alive the spotlight shines on someone who isn't a rapper, but there is no rule set in stone that says they have to be. So for this week, I'll change it up and profile a rapper.

Though he is very much hip-hop, that doesn't mean than Jonwayne is the same as the rest, or like anything you have heard before. He is just as unique and original as anyone else featured; he just happens to be more hip-hop than them too (evnethough he might not look it). With a new single out, now is a good a time as any to meet Jonwayne.

Before we get to the music, a little background information. Jonwayne is both a producer and a rapper (for some reason I am a sucker for producer/rapper dual-threats), he hails from California, and he is singed to some label called Stones Throw (ever heard of 'em?). Also, last year, he dropped the best rap album you didn't hear,



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Rap Album One

. If you did hear it you get a shiny gold star, but if you are like me, you slept like Rumpelstiltskin on Nyquil. I am kicking myself that I haven't heard the album until recently because its really unique and well executed. Normally this kind of abstract style isn't my thing--often times it is too choppy for my liking-- but Jonwayne makes it work. There is still that different, left-of-center vibe but there is something that keeps it grounded. Maybe it's his gravely, powerful voice, or maybe it's the content itself but either way I am diggin his stuff. Is he my favorite emcee? No (not yet at least), but I love listening to this kind of thing because it makes me feel like I am a better hip-hop head. It's like when you watch a  documentary, you feel smarter, well, Jonwayne makes you feel like you are listening to something real, something important and we could always use more of that in hip-hop.

So, yeah....that last video is a thing. Obviously, Jon is a little out there, but I'm telling you, it's not out there to the point where it sounds like someone rapping of reversed Bjork samples or any shit like that. It's the perfect amount of "different" to create a unique, abstract style, but not too much where it will turn those simple hip-hop heads (like myself) off. At the very least, Jon deserves a chance, he is too good for hip-hop to not give him one.

If for some reason you aren't sold. This should quell all doubt. Enjoy....