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Meet London Grammar


It's been a hot minute since I shared some dope material outside of our cozy little hip-hop bubble. As you maybe know, my "Meet" pieces started on RefinedHype as a way to share some non-rap. Since the merger, the last few "Meet" spotlights have focused on some great, up-and-coming rappers, but there is so much good music out there, it can't be all hip-hop all the time.

So, in the spirit of #NoRapHour today, and in the spirit of great music, I think it's time to get back to expanding our horizons. So with that in mind, meet London Grammar. Now, Hannah Reid may sound like the only member because she is so good and the only singer, but they are actually a trio; Dan Rothman and Dominic 'Dot' Major, who provide her with the backdrop she needs to shine.

Woah. I was stunned. That is quite the potent 1-2 punch with a powerful voice and an equally enthralling video. This may make me come off as a simpleton, but typically this kind of stuff, while great on paper, is a little to slow and draggy for me. I need some "bite" or something more exciting than just a great singer. That is not the case with London. There is something a little more dark and brooding here. The dark, haunting edge to Hannah Reid's voice really adds that bite that I need to keep me invested. There is so much power and emotion in her voice, it's impossible not to get sucked in. If you still need more power, please listen to "Nightcall", specifically the last minute and a half.



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WOOOOOOOO!  London has me ready to run through a wall. It might be weird to say, but this is a banger! It's so rare for music like this to get me so juiced up, but there is understated, undeniable power here; it's captivating. Is it the emotion in her voice or is it that epic drum beat? Either way, I'm enthralled.

Also, what's the deal here? Am I late to the party? Do people already know them? They have like a bazillion views and followers, but I have never heard a peep about 'em. I think a large part of the audience is into the EDM scene because on their Soundcloud page there is a plethora of remixes. To be frank, I don't really like any of them except this one - her voice is so powerful and emotional, it works much better without a ton of frills - but I think it's a large part of why they are so popular. Still, I feel like they are relatively unknown in the hip-hop world.

Let's change that huh? Be sure to give 'em a follow @londongrammar and check out their most recent project, last year's If You Wait. You can also catch them on their U.S. tour this Fall, coming to a venue near you (maybe).

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