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Meet Niykee Heaton


As you are probably already aware of, the purpose of these Meet pieces is to show you something a little different than your typical rapper, but equally as enjoyable. I always try to find that unique, RefinedHype hook, that'll ensure you all like it. Maybe it's a cool sample, maybe it's a song with a rapper, or maybe, in the case of this next meet it ties in with something else that is a cornerstone of RefinedHype, booty. If you are the kind of person who answers the mystery booty within minutes of it being posted, or surprising the dark, seedy underbelly of the internet for the names of video models, this next one is for you. If you much prefer the music to any sort of booty, this one is also for just have to deal with the booty to get to the music (rough life, I know). Meet Niykee Heaton.

First the Booty.

Already in love right? After these pictures, I was already planning our wedding and that's before I heard this:



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Seriously, I'm ready to introduce her to the folks. I mean I was crushing on her before, but the fact that she is a hip-hop fan proves we are meant to be. We both love hip-hop! What are the odds?! Don't deny it's or destiny. Ok. Enough creepy talk (but seriously we're basically married). Normally I don't really go for these videos--they often fee like a cheap way to get views and don't ever measure up to the original versions--but I'm loving Niykee Heaton. I had never listened to the original version of  "Love Sosa" before and after hearing Niykee's I thought I might like it; nope. Niykee's versions is so simple but so catchy and she manages to turn one of the worst songs in ever into a acoustic banger. She's no one hit wonder either.

Also, here she is with Trinidad James. So she likes to take pictures of herself in bikinis, hang out with rappers, and cover rap songs; how is she not already a part of RefinedHype Nation. I'm telling you, It's meant to be. Honestly, I was skeptical at first--I have been duped by a cute girl with a guitar on Youtube before--but she came through. She fuckin' kills "Blocka". If that was recorded all proper like, that shit would be a hit. She's way more than just a pretty face (although it helps), this girl is a real talent. How long until she's singed. If your curious here is an original song and here she is on the beach...again.