Meet Saba


Is somebody putting something in the deep dish pizza? While Chicago has always birthed talented rappers, lately it has become the epicenter of hip-hop. It seems like every up-and-comer hails from the Windy City. Everybody and their mother knows Chance The Rapper, but he's just the tip of the iceberg.  Thanks to his ComfortZone project, released back in July and in my rotation ever since, Saba is a name you'll want to get to know. Obviously, listening to his standout summer tape (featuring plenty more of Chicago's brightest young stars) is the best way to get caught up on the music, but to get to know the man himself you have to go further.

Meet Saba...

How long, from the first verse written to the release date, did ComfortZone take you?

"Comfort Zone was an interesting process because the tape actually went through about three different phases. I started the tape in 2011, but none of that stuff ended up making it. I would say it's been a year and a half to two year process on the actual tape that came out. A bunch of crazy shit happened to us, in fact, we lost the entire tape last year around this time due to a hard drive crash. But all of that stuff still counts ya know."

"Burnout" made it onto all my summer playlists. What's your ultimate song of summer and why?

Tracy T's 'Money Chant.' It's one of the most played songs on my phone, I said that it would be the first song I play in the car when I get my driver's license, which I still have yet to get in fact. It should be 'Ridin' Dirty' by Chamillionaire [laughs]. " 



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You have a song called "Comfort Food." What is your favorite meal/comfort food?  

"Chicken empanadas. This shit is the greatest invention possibly of all-time. I've just discovered this over the summer too, so I'm still learning different kinds and stuff like that, but I know the second I tried them I was like damn, I have a new favorite food."

I swear "Tell You" could be in a movie or show. If you could have one of your songs in any movie scene ever, which would it be and why? 

"I would have any of my songs in Training Day because it's the greatest movie ever. Definitely my personal favorite. I don't think I had anything intense enough for it on ComfortZone so maybe I could just be like a transitioning song or maybe even something playing in Alonzo's car, like 'Westside Bound 1' or '2' or some shit. Maybe 'Whip' even [laughs]."

First six words that pop into your head when you think about your next release. Go! 

"The only word that comes to mind when I think of my next release is vibe. ComfortZone just dropped so I don't have a new project I'm ready to air out just yet, but just know it'll have good vibes. Maybe it'll be new music from me soon, or maybe we'll just keep building with ComfortZone, I'm not sure yet. It's up to my listeners really. I personally think ComfortZone can definitely still grow more so I'm gonna focus on that."

Now you know to buy Saba some chicken empanadas if you see him on the street. That's some valuable information right there. Be sure to download and stream ComfortZone via Audiomack, check out Saba's DJBooth Artist Page for more rap tunes, and to complete the Saba trifecta, shoot him a follow @sabaPIVOT.

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth.net. His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]