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5 Fresh Songs You Might Have Missed (10/20)


Welcome back to "Might Have Missed," and this time we've got new music from Ghostface, DJBooth Top Prospect Anderson .Paak and much more. But first, a refresher for those who are new.

I want y'all to be locked into The DJBooth at all times. Not just because every pageview matters, but because we post a lot of new music and the thought of you missing your new favorite song keeps me awake at night. I get paid to do this, so it's easy for me to listen to everything we feature, but for you, a student or an adult with a job that isn't as absurd as music writer, I know it's hard to stay that glued to The DJBooth. No worries, we've got you covered.

Here is some of the particularly fresh DJBooth-featured material from the past seven days or so that you might have missed, with an emphasis on the indie and underground (because it's a lot harder to miss the superstars). You can thank me later.

Anderson.Paak - Miss Right:

There's a reason Anderson is a DJBooth Top Prospect, because he's insanely talented. I have been a big fan of Anderson (formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy) for a while now, and lately it seems like he has really stepped up his game. "Miss Right" might just be the best song he has released to date (next to "Straight Jacket"); this joint is so fresh and so unique. There really isn't anyone else making music like this. He blends R&B with a little funk and a dash of electronic so effortlessly and his smoky, laid-back vocals only add to the cool, flavorful vibe. If you love original, funky shit, do your homework and read up on Anderson.

Raleigh Ritchie ft. Little Simz - Cuckoo:



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Sticking with the theme of artists making uniquely dope music, let's press play on this new Raleigh Ritchie joint. I guarantee you won't hear a song this experimental all week. Normally, when an artist tries to blend so many different styles, it doesn't work out that well, but this abstract effort goes off without a hitch. Engined by Raleigh's subtle vocal effort, "Cuckoo" ebbs and flows without ever getting lost. There are parts of the record that sound like a full-fledged rock song, times that it sounds like a rap record (thanks to Little Simz unexpectedly dope verse), and even the soundtrack to Madagascar with all those jungle sounds. Such a cool effort; something this out there (yet so easy to grasp) should not be missed.

DeLorean ft. Scotty ATL - Lately:

Though his last DJBooth feature came a year ago, DeLorean is a name I have been hearing casually here and there. However, I haven't really dug into his library to find out who he is and what his music really sounds like. That ends with "Lately." Shit! What a song! Right from the first note Brandin Blankho's production grabbed me, but it was DeLorean's hostile yet controlled, leaning flow that made this one a winner. I love the way he sounds over this beat. This is the kind of Southern hip-hop I love; it has attitude and plenty of energy, but so much soul and a musicality, too. Scotty ATL is also a nice addition, I love how different his flow is compared to the headliner; it's a great change of pace. This is a winner, there's nothing more to it.

Ghostface Killah ft. eLZHi- Gun Showers

Ghostface? eLZHi? Ghostface and eLZHi over BADBADNOTGOOD's production? How the hell did I miss this?! I really do this for y'all, but going back through the features each week is great for me too. I actually missed this record on the first go around and was plenty excited when I finally heard it. I would have been so upset if I had missed a new Ghostface record. I often forget about him (he's not around nearly enough), but then I stumble across an old song (or a new one like this) and I am immediately reminded that he is a Top 10 emcee. Still, he gets bodied here by eLZHi (who has been making a ton of noise lately). Flawless mic work and the beat is too perfect. This is the realest, grittiest, kitten-punching hip-hop song released all month (through the first 20 or so days).

E.M.S. (En Masse Sodality) ft. James Vavel - Got to Give

Believe it or not, there is an art to constructing the perfect "Might Have Missed." It's a balance between sharing the best stuff while still keeping it fresh and varied. I mean, nobody would want five R&B songs or five underground hip-hop cuts. Often providing that balance proves tough, especially if the five best songs are all one particular type, but E.M.S. makes it easy by blending rap and R&B so expertly on "Got To Give." When this record started, I was expecting an R&B effort, and I would have been happy with it, because James Vavel has a great vocal. But when Primetime Silver Age and LG Cool come with the spoken word, it turns into a mellow, jazzy rap tune. This kind of record is good for the soul. If Ghostface makes me want to punch kittens, "Got To Give" makes me want to be a better person; like read a book and learn something. Just a smooth, nourshing bowl of rap-meal. More please!

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