4 Fresh Songs (& An Album) You Might Have Missed (12/01)


I may or may not be dealing with a food coma. I have been so busy eating pie, playing football and seeing friends that I went a whole two days without using my computer. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but when your job is on the internet, your computer is your best friend; I can't remember the last time I went two days without logging on to the internetz. If I took a break, there's a good chance you did too, so pay extra close attention to this" Might Have Missed" because it features all the must have music you (probably) missed while you were in a food coma of your own.

But first, for those who are new to my weekly column, here's a quick breakdown. Every week, we feature a lot of new music. Like, so much music that even the hardest of hardcore music lovers may have trouble listening to everything. As a result there inevitably will be some joints that passed you by, and that is a damn shame. A great song unlistened to is like a non-alcoholic beer - what's the point? 

So here's some of the particularly fresh DJBooth-featured material from the past seven days or so that you might have missed, with an emphasis on the indie and underground (because it's a lot harder to miss the superstars). As the kids (definitely don't) say, leggoo...

Mélat - "The Kids Aren't Alright"

Here at The DJBooth we have a policy on freestyles; don't submit 'em. That being said, we are totally fine with featuring a cover/remix if it's truly special; in other words, no "0 to 100" freestyles. Seriously, though, original content is much better, but when a cover is really great, we'll spotlight it because in the end, great music is great music. Case in point Mélat's "Kids Are Alright." While she is technically covering an Offspring jam, she completely changes it up, essentially crafting a completely original work. If I didn't used to fuck with Offspring heavy, I would have had no idea this was a cover; it's so well done and completely different from the original. I was expecting something a little more fast-paced since the original moves pretty quickly, but I love Melat's subtle power. In the end, the best covers turn out to be pretty damn original; this is one of those covers. So in conclusion, no more "6 God" freestyles, but plenty more Offspring covers.

Smoko Ono ft. Rockie Fresh, Saba, & Jarred A.G.- "No Look"

Last week, I told y'all about Pivot Gang, but they aren't the only up-and-comers from the Chi who you need to peep. On "No Look" Pivot's Saba raps alongside a few other dope Windy City emcees and it's all thanks to one fucking awesome producer, Mr. Smoko Uno. In fact, it's Smoko Uno who steals the spotlight away from three talented emcees with his stellar boardwork. I love the hazy afterglow, and how, despite the smoky atmosphere, it still has a crisp, razor sharp sound. The horns - from Will Miller of Chicago's own, The O'Mys - really makes this the cut for me. He adds power and vibrancy to the beat which really allows it to pop off. Though Saba, Rockie, and Jarred (who also needs to be on your radar) are dynamic, it's that production that will stick to your ribs like a batch of grandma's mushroom gravy. With all the talent in Chicago, I'm really excited for Uno's upcoming project, Slackin N Mackin Vol. 1

Seriously though, what the fuck Chicago? How are you so dope right now? 

The Audible Doctor ft. Astro &Hassaan Mackey - "Chocolate Covered Liar"

Dug that Smoko track? How about another producer driven effort? Fuck Thanksgiving leftovers! We are giving you second helpings of dope beats! It's not a knock on Smoko, but his work sounds so great with a trio emcees over the top. On the other hand, I could listen to this Audible Doctor beat on loop for hours and not think twice. That might sound like a critique but its really not. Some beats are great for rappers and while the Doctor's work is definitely rapper-friendly, that flip is enough on its own. Two great beats, two different feelings. Now I could listen to the Chocolate Covered Liar instrumental for hours, but why would I when Astro and Hassaan Mackey add so much? From the sample, to the bars, this is a fundamentally, technically, sound piece of music - there is really no weak link here - and the result is a effort that has to be in your rotation. Also, a million bonus points for that incredible outro; shit got me hyped! You better check out Audible's project, Can't Keep the People Waiting, to see what else he has in store; doctor's orders.

Shad x DJ T.Lo - Knock

The first few days of this week can be brutal. After literally not doing nothing but fun shit for a few days, the journey back into the daily grind can be a bit tumultuous. Stuffing your face for hours is replaced with lunch breaks, you can't start drinking at lunch, and worst of all, no more stuffing. I work from home in my boxers and its rough, so I can't imagine what a real job is like. Well, if you find yourself stumbling out of the gate, give Shad's "Knock" a spin or two and you'll be Employee of the Month in no time. That cascading beat from DJ T.Lo will get your blood pumpin' but it's Shad lyrics that'll have you ready to grind. He is smart, creative, and motivational, but is by no means preachy or light. This song has a positive, uplifting message, but it still knocks like your favorite ignant banger. This is just what I needed to get my head back in the game.

The Neighbourhood - #000000 & #FFFFFF

Normally with these write-ups, I'll give you a breakdown and some highlights, but truthfully, I can't do that with The Neighbourhood's new project...


Still, this project is a must-listen. Now, there is a chance that you end up hating it, but in the end I think you'll be glad you listened because I have a feeling The Neighbourhood is a name you will be hearing more and more in the months and years to come. It's like that movie you may not necessarily be interested in seeing, but you kind of need to peep it to because everyone is talking about how crazy it is? This project definitely has that unique aura. The name, the features (Maco, French Montana, and Danny Brown?!), and the vibe is so out of left field. I've given it a skim, but to really understand it I'll need more time. A lot more time. Still, I wanted to make sure you knew this free work existed because love it or hate it, it's well worth the listen. We'll have something more on #000000 & #FFFFFF later in the week, but for now give it a once through so you are at least in the digital loop.

Welcome back, DJBooth Nation!

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