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4 Fresh Songs (& An Album) You Might Have Missed


I want y'all to be locked into The DJBooth at all times. Not just because every pageview matters, but because we post a lot of new music and the thought of you missing your new favorite song keeps me awake at night. I get paid to do this, so it's easy for me to listen to everything we feature, but for you, a student or an adult with a job that isn't as absurd as music writer, I know it's hard to stay that glued to The DJBooth. No worries, we've got you covered.

Here is some of the particularly fresh DJBooth-featured material from the past seven days that you might have missed, with an emphasis on the indie and underground (because it's a lot harder to miss the superstars). You can thank me later.

6LACK - Break From Atlanta

One of my under-the-radar favorite new artists is 6LACK. The A-Town rapper/singer/producer has been low-key killing it this year; everything that he's released has been really unique and refreshing. In fact, his DJBooth debut, "Pretty Weather", is still in heavy rotation. Though he has had a few features under his belt since then, his latest loosie, "Break From Atlanta", is the best since that debut. I love the way he blends his singing and rapping. While that style is all the rage right now, 6 does it in a different way. Instead of a clean distinction between genres, he blends a wide array of styles and gives the song a raspy, blunted feel which works very well. I really like what I have heard from him so far and "Break From Atlanta" is yet another step up.

Marco Polo - Just Can't Win (Marco Polo Remix)

Producers are often overlooked and Marco Polo is one of the most underrated producers in the game, so I'm guessing there is a good chance you missed this little jam. No worries, that's why I'm here. Sundays are my soul days. For whatever reason, when it's Sunday, all I want to do is listen to some old-school soul. Well, Marco Polo's lates feature on our pages gave me the soul I needed, but it also has that hip-hop kick to it. There aren't too many bells and whistles to this one, but sometimes it's the simple things that get the job done. This effort gives you all the music nutrients you could ever need without all the fixins. Just some pure hip-hop and some pure soul combined to make you soul Sunday complete. Also, I am (even more) indebted to Marco for introducing me to Lee Fields. A new song and a new artist; that's a good day.

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Rapsody - Hard to Choose

When we say a rapper "killed it" or "went in" there is a tendency to assume that they were rapping angry or fast. That's not always the case. For example, on "Hard To Choose", Rapsody absolutely bodies the song without having to scream at us or spit a mile a minute. You can hear the passion and emotion in her voice, but it's not over the top and it makes the effort that much more compelling. In a nutshell, "Hard To Choose" is why Rapsody is one of my favorite emcees in the game. It has a simple yet effective beat from 9th Wonder and she busts out smart, heartfelt lyrics with a flawless delivery. Seriously, that second verse is one of the best of the year - her unflinching honesty is so engaging - and nobody is talking about it. Why? This is one of the most important record releases of the year so I had to include it - a MUST listen.

SA-ROC - Maximum Frequency

I just said a rapper doesn't have to "go in" to "go in," but sometimes they do. SA-ROC's "Maximum Frequency" is one of those times. Oh. My. God. She absolutely eviscerates this track. From the moment you press play, be prepared for an onslaught of attitude, edge, and of course, some dope bars. SA-ROC manages to match the intensity and energy of the raucous beat and doesn't miss a step flow-wise; she's surgical and emotionally intense at the same time. This has the attitude of a cypher, but all the benefits of a high-quality, studio effort. If you prefer people murdering beats with fire and frenzy (as opposed to Rapsody's more measured approach) this is your tune.

Izzy Rythm's The Coffee & Broccoli EP

With all this talk of murder and killing, maybe we need to slow it down a little bit; something softer. Well, then I highly recommend Izzy Rythm's The Coffee & Broccoli EP. While Izzy's roots are firmly planted in R&B, he is by no means all love songs and flowers; there is some bite to this project. Much of that is due to the diverese production on display from beatmakers like Smoko Ono (who has the best beats on the project). It also doesn't hurt to have several top notch guest features. This is the kind of R&B you can bump late at night alone or blast in the whip and that's my kind of R&B.

Now these are just five of the seven billion features from last week, so if you really want to get the most out of The DJBooth, be sure to check our song index page early and often. After all I'm only human; there's only so much one man can do!

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]