Fresh Music You Might Have Missed - The Holiday Edition


As you probably already know, for the last two weeks, DJBooth has been on vacation because, believe it or not, we aren't robots. We also have friends to see, presents to open, and we want to enjoy getting embarrassingly drunk at family functions. Still, while we did go on a mini-hiatus, that doesn't mean we still aren't obsessive music fiends; just because I wasn't posting, doesn't mean I wasn't still checking out all the music that dropped. While you were nursing that hangover or stuffing your face with figgy pudding, I was also doing those things scouring the depths of the internet (and DJBooth) for great music.

But first, for those who are new to my weekly column, here's a quick breakdown. Every week, we feature a lot of new music. Like, so much music that even the hardest of hardcore music lovers may have trouble listening to everything. As a result there inevitably will be some joints that passed you by, and that is a damn shame. A great song unlistened to is like a non-alcoholic beer - what's the point? 

So here's some of the particularly fresh material from the past few weeks or so that you might have missed while downing the Egg Nog. As the kids definitely don't say, leggoo...

BJ The Chicago Kid ft. ScHoolboy Q - "It's True"



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Now, I know this isn't technically a new song (I already spotlighted BJ's M.A.F.E project) but hear me out. First off, even though I fucked with the project heavy, I missed this ScHoolboy assisted joint because it's kind of hidden in the middle of M.A.F.E. Well, I heard it, but it didn't register until BJ dropped it as a single. Since the video was released this song has been constantly playing; I'm straight up addicted. So, yeah, I'm including it because it's an exquisite song, I missed it before, and the video is phenomenal. I love every aspect of this song. Sure, BJ's leaned-out flow is unique for him, but my favorite part? Well, that award goes to Mr. ScHoolboy. His flow is absolutely perfect for the vibe of this song. I could not think of a better, dead or alive, who this fits better than him; no lie, he jumps off the proverbial page.

Wale - Festivus

There will be more musings on this project a little bit later this week, but for now, I had to let y'all know that this Wale project is a must download. Real talk, it's some of best stuff he has done in a long, long time. As a DMVer I have an obsession with Wale, but like may of us, I have been woefully let down by him in the past; it got to the point where I was totally done with him. Okay, not totally done, because I checked out Festivus and man am I glad I did! It's not all amazing (lookin' at you Fat Trel), but for the most part this sounds like one of those old Wale tapes. Personally, I love the subtle go-go influence in songs like "The Deep End," which features a stellar verse from Pusha, and "Tonight," but even songs like "Chess," which don't feature go-go, are super fresh too. Again, I'm going to really dive into Wale later, but I couldn't do a holiday recap with out the project I listened to most over the break.

Leather Corduroys ft. Chance The Rapper - "I Told You So"

Anytime I see "ft. Chance The Rapper" my nipples get a little hard. Chance is great, but I always seem to love it more when he has someone with him. Well, my nipples got extra super hard with this joint because I had never heard of the Leather Corduroys before. A new artist and Chance? Sweet! Well, as it turns out, I already knew who the Leather Corduroys were, but it's who they are that made my nipples so hard I had to buy a new shirt. Turns out Leather Corduroys are Chicago rappers, and Save Money members Kami de Chukwu and Joey Purp. I haven't had a chance to check out the whole project yet (available here) but I'm into this one and very excited to hear what these two dudes can cook up.

Canei Finch - Morning Music

I'm just going to go ahead and assume you already know who J.Cole is. Well, you know Forest Hills, but really if you don't know Canei Finch than you don't really know J.Cole. Though Canei has produced for plenty of emcees, he and Cole are kindred spirits; he is the man behind arguably my favorite Cole song, "Kenny Lofton." Anyone who makes me enjoy Jeezy gets an A+ in my book. Anyhow, I LOVE Canei's style; he dishes out more dope samples than a food court Panda Express. When I saw he dropped Morning Music over the break I thought, "Dope. I'm in the mood for a beat tape". Well, this aint' no muhfuggin' beat tape. Turns out that Canei can also rap. Of course the beats are exquisite, but I was equally as impressed by his mic skills. If you are a big Cole fan, or simply a fan of really amazing samples, this project is worth checking out and, since we didn't feature it, I bet you missed it.

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