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4 Fresh Songs (& An Album) You Might Have Missed (10/13)


While many of you have the day off today for Columbus, we are still bringing you the dopeness so that your music library doesn't suffer. Welcome back to "Might Have Missed," and this time we've got new music from Linus Young, Snoh Aalegra and much more. But first, a refresher for those who are new.

I want y'all to be locked into The DJBooth at all times. Not just because every pageview matters, but because we post a lot of new music and the thought of you missing your new favorite song keeps me awake at night. I get paid to do this, so it's easy for me to listen to everything we feature, but for you, a student or an adult with a job that isn't as absurd as music writer, I know it's hard to stay that glued to The DJBooth. No worries, we've got you covered.

Here is some of the particularly fresh DJBooth-featured material from the past seven days or so that you might have missed, with an emphasis on the indie and underground (because it's a lot harder to miss the superstars). You can thank me later.

Linus Young - "Fun In The Sun"

Back when Linus Young made their debut with "City Of Sin," I thought I had found a new, gritty rock band. Well, I might still be right, but they can also crank out a more laid-back, catchy number too. "Fun In The Sun" might sound like a feel-good, pop cut, but while it is definitely infectious, it still has some meat to it thanks to producer Malay's boardwork expertise. The way the track progresses and grows is great; it has peaks and valleys and several subtle flavors which keep your attention, just like it's creative accompanying video. I love how the pair can create such a rich atmosphere and enjoyable experience without really trying too hard; understated dopeness. After hearing just two tracks, both with very different sounds, I'm excited to hear more.

Ben Stevenson - "Summer Dealer"



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Another day, another incredibly talented T-Dot crooner. Obviously, when someone says Toronto and R&B in the same sentence Drake comes to mind. However, if you are a fan of pure R&B (not Drizzy's hybrid sound) Ben Stevenson is your man. Typically, R&B doesn't strike me as much as rap, but I'm floored by this effort. Maybe it's because it's rainy and gloomy today, maybe it's because I'm still exhausted from A3C or maybe (definitely) it's because this is a great song, but no matter the reason I'm really feeling this effort. Happy Perez provides the track's hazy backdrop, but to me it's Stevenson's emotion that engines this effort. He hits all the high notes when he needs to, which bends nicely with his smoky, soulful crooning. This will be on repeat for a hot minute.

Snoh Aalegra - Fire's All Around You

Though it was subtle, Snoh's input on Common's album immediately caught my ear, so I did some investigating and found "Burning Bridges." Since, I have been waiting patiently (and with "Bridges" in heavy rotation) for something new; I couldn't wait to feature her solo work. With four months of waiting, and building up expectations in my head, I was worried Snoh's work wouldn't live up to my lofty and unreasonable expectations, but she delivers on "Fire's All Around You." Like "Burning Bridges," the title features something fire related and also like "Burning Bridges" Snoh's vocals blew you away. She has such a presence on the track with her raspy, poignant sound. At first I was thrown off, "Burning Bridges" has this epic, cascading vibe and the whole time I thought this effort would reach that point - I kept waiting for the track to boil over into an epic breakdown - but it didn't. It kind of threw me off at first, but I quickly got over it and started to appreciate this song for what it is. It might seem cliché, but it shows that she has "it." Her voice just grabs you. I don't know when, or how long it will take, but Snoh will be a chart topper under the guidance of No I.D. Just watch...

Kyle Aaron ft. Miles Jones - "Homecoming King"

Okay, I realize this is an R&B heavy Might Have Missed (hey dopeness is dopeness) feature, so if you have been waiting for some rappidy raps, this one is for you. Hell, even if you hate rap, this still might be for you. You know why? Because it's so much fucking fun! That laidback, carefree vibe is set off by borrowed boardwork from Ant and that touch of reggae to the beat, it's impossible not to nod your head. On the mic, Kyle and Miles Jones share a smilalry leaning, yet confident approach. Their styles work really well together and give this record it's zest. Oh and Maya Killtron kills the hook. This song shows that rap can be fun and well done; you don't have to sacrifice substance for style if you do it right.

Shanaz Dorsett - Mother Tongue EP

Back to R&B. Well, sort of. While you hip-hop heads might need more, Shanaz Dorsett's Mother Tongue EP does contain some rap roots. Surely you know DJBooth-favortie Wax. Well his go-to producer, EOM, is the man behind the boards for this entire EP. Give that man a thousand gold stars because he crushed the production. Each beat is absolutely stellar and gives the whole project a textured, unique flavor. EOM blends electronic, pop, jazz, R&B, and of course hip-hop (those fucking drums on "AirMax90" doe!) to create a rich, varied listen. Of course Shanaz deserves some love, too. Her vocals are so soulful, but have a vibrancy about them that really stands out. I don't think your average singer has the ability and versatility to bless these expeirmental, unique beats, but she sounds right at home. I need more of this! You should totally buy it now, but if you don't trust me, feel free to stream it via DJBooth first. For free, nonetheless. I won't be offended.

Those are my picks, but I was in Atlanta all week, so if I missed something that you thought was truly dope please let me know!

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