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The 1 Song You Need to Hear This Week: Freddie Gibbs' "Satin Black"


For the last eight months, I've been helping y'all forge the wild, torrential rivers of the musical internet, because it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the worthy new music that drops every week, especially when you aren't getting paid to do so. Well, "Might Have Missed" ends today.

Sort of...

Don't bump the Bone Thugs just yet. Instead of five songs (and the occasional album), I'm going to narrow it down to a single selection, the one thing you MUST listen to if you only listen to one song this week. I'll spotlight the single most awesome piece - be it a song, album, beat, verse, bar...anything - and rap nerd the hell out about it. It might be less total music, but the music will have the highest concentration of amazingness, so you will still get your fix. Instead of four sliders, it'll be one juicy, bacon-slathered burger. Truthfully, I'm not quite sure how this will work out, but in the name continuing DJBooth's proud tradition of quality over quantity, we gotta try and shake things up right?

For the inaugural edition of the fucking-awesomest-awesome-song-of-the-week (name is still in the works), who better to kick things off than Freddie Gibbs?



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I almost went a few different directions here. There was a DJBooth newcomer to get excited about and Oddisse stays making better hip-hop than you, but in the end it was Freddie that really stood out far and above the rest. Now, admittedly, as much as I hate to say it, Freddie can be hit or miss with me. It's not his fault, just his style, that balls-to-the-wall. Drug rap isn't my forte. He has a great flow, but the content and the vibe can be too much for me. I like a little bit of grit, but I also need some bounce and variety that isn't always there. I prefer layered, dynamic music to the kind of straight gangster music Gibbs makes.  

Well, they simply don't get more dynamic than Hanni El Khatib's incredible boardwork on "Satin Black." Essentially, this song is like three great yet completely different songs. Though the three chapters all have a different vibes, they all fit together like a story. That Gangsta Gibbs interlude followed by the hazy, Portugal. The Man-esque hook, and the lurching outro? Hanni El Khatib does an amazing job of fusing all of them together to create a cohesive yet varied sound. The beat's always progressing and evolving which compliments Gibbs steady, ruthless flow.

In fact, I think it's the production that really won me over. I mean Freddie is amazing, as usual, but when he's rapping over a more complex, varied beat like this, his sound is just so much more effective. This is really a step in a different direction than what I'm used to when it comes to Gary, Indiana's best homegrown talent and yet he still manages to be the same cut-throat emcee we all know and love. There's no fucking doubt in my mind this was the best song of the past week.

Also, it's available for free download. It's like Christmas if Santa was a bad-ass, Jeezy-hating gangsta.

So, what do y'all think? Did I make the right pick? Do you like the new format or was the old one? Will this be the turning point that transforms me into a full-fledged Gibbs fan? So many questions, hit the comments and let's figure out an answer. 

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