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The 1 Song You Need to Hear This Week: Léks Rivers' "Soho Knights"


For those who may have missed it, a quick reminder. We're making some changes at The DJBooth. Instead of five songs (and the occasional album), I'm narrowing this weekly column down to a single selection, the one song you MUST listen to from the past week. I'll spotlight the single most awesome piece of music released over the last seven days - be it a song, album, beat, verse, or bar - and rap nerd out about it. It might be less total music, but the music will have the highest concentration of amazingness, so you'll still get your fix. Instead of four sliders, it'll be one juicy, bacon-slathered burger.

This is what I feared...

Once we got it down to one song, I knew, one of these weeks there would be two uniquely dope songs and trying to pick between them would cause me to cry, pout, and (probably) wet my pants. I just didn't know it would only take three weeks. Trying to pick a winning selection this week was tough, but the heavy favorite all week, the song that got spun like a toddler in a dryer, came from Booth newcomer léks rivers.



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As much as I love SoundCloud, sometimes it's the bane of my existence. Worse than Soundcloud going down more than Mia Khalifa, worse than trying to download a project, what drives me the most crazy is the autoplay feature. It almost never selects a quality song, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why or how that next selection is selected. And if there is rhyme and reason, I have yet to figure it out. Anyhow, there I was cleaning my room, listening to some random song and when it ended I rushed to my computer to find something new. Before I could though, those horns hit me and I was stuck. Sometimes songs take minute to grasp, but sometimes, as is the case with "Soho Knights," you know instantaneously. Before léks even belted out a note I was hooked.

The production here is captivating. With the menacing organ, the punching drums and of course the horns, "Soho Knights" has this sinister, blusey feel to it; it's so rich and milky but so grimy at the same time. I highly recommend a nice pair of headphones when uncorking this effort so that you can really experience all the subtle flavors and minor touches that are employed. To boot, the vocals are just as unique as the production. Similar to the beat, there is a slight-rasp to Rivers' vocals which really fits the darker, blues mold I described earlier. Still, it's not overly aggressive or hard, it's a vibrant, textured growl that matches the energy and emphatic tone of his production. Despite spanning a range of moods and genres, léks creates a consistent, easily digestible package. 

As I mentioned, there were a few other choices that really gave Mr. Rivers a run for his money. However, in the end the magic of this song combined with the free download made it the one song you just have to have. Plus, he's brand new to the DJBooth and there is nothing more exciting than finding a bright, young star who will become a DJBooth regular faster than you can say "Soho Knights."

Honorable Mention:

Allan Kingdom - "Glass Up": This was the one that really challenged léks. That beat is too creamy and Allan is too charismatic.
JD Era - "F**k 'Em": A gritty banger with a colorful beat; a rare hybrid.
TARO - First Born Son EP: He's young, but Taro's ceiling is higher than Lindsey Lohan skydiving. "Something Happened" doe...

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