Tweets Is Watching: My New Year's Resolutions


New Year, new me....

*cracks open a beer, eats a burger, spends 30 bucks on a shirt*

Well...that lasted five seconds...

In all seriousness, I'm terrible at resolutions. I always say "I'll start tomorrow" and then before you know it, my adorable puppy calendar is already at November and I have/haven't done the things I said I would/would not do way back in January. It's all good; considering how full the gym is now compared to how it will look in March, I know I ain't the only one. Since we are allergic to frontin' here at DJBooth, it is my hope that writing my goals down, and sharing 'em with y'all, I will actually stick with it.

Tweets is Watching

Man, sometimes Twitter is just the worst. Between that rapper from Boise retweeting his mom, dad, sister, and best friend a million times to make it look like his new Drake freestyle is poppin, the 19-year-old interns who drop preach life lessons in 140 characters and Iggy Azelea, Twitter can be quite the chore. More than reading these tweets though, writing them is tough for me. First off, I have some serious, fundamental issues with social media and how it effects people. Contrary to some  I don't want nor need my whole life broadcasted; I'm a 26-year-old goofball from Maryland, who the fuck cares what I ate for dinner or how I feel about sports? I may be a music guy, but even if my tweet is music related, I wonder if anyone actually cares what I have to say. I don't tweet that often because it's not in my nature--my Facebook is about as dead as Geocities and I hate Instagram--but sometimes, you have to change your nature if you want to succeed. Whether I like it or not, Twitter is a pillar of my chosen occupation. Followers matter. Pageviews matter. Cultivating my voice to become a internet presence matters if I want to "make it" as a guy who writes about music. I have to stop thinking "who really cares" before every tweet. I have to stop that. In reality, most likely, nobody cares, but that can't stop me. I have to treat tweeting like I do making playlists or combing through submissions; it's just another task to add to add to the list. All it takes is that one retweet, that one mention to make a piece blow the fuck up, so it's essential I tweet early and often. I don't really know what I will say, when, or how, but I have to do it more.

So feel free to come say hey to me @LucasDJBooth. If you haven't seen me pop up on the feed, call me out. If you want to ask my thoughts on a song or album feel free to do so, if you want to tell me how much that article I wrote kicked ass or sucked do that too. I'm always down to rap nerd it the fuck up so feel free to join me. I'm gonna need some help. Who knows, I might just give you a Detox shirt...

Read Books



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When people used to ask me about books, I'd say, I don't really read books, but I read a lot on the internet. Frankly, that's a bullshit excuse. Reading about Nationals free agency or the Game Of Thrones preview article is not the same as reading a real, actual book. Over the course of the break, I actually started to read some real, non-internet books. You know what? I really fucking enjoyed it. As someone who uses words to express thoughts, emotions, and stories, I think it's kind of my duty to read the work of people who are way better at it than I am; hopefully some of it will rub off. Even if it doesn't taking time away from the computer screen has to be good for me. Plus, who knows? I might even pick up a few tricks from the experts; rappers shouldn't be the only one biting each others styles. Santa brought me the Questlove memoir for Christmas so I'm balls deep in that right now, but I'd love some other suggestions on great books; preferably music related but I'm open to anything.   

Sleep More

In rap "sleeping" is quite possible the worst thing you could do. Some may argue "Dickriding" but I'd rather ride some dick like it's a fuckin rollercoaster (pause?) than miss out on a chance to be the leader of a bandwagon. Outside of this magical little rap bubble we live in, however, sleep is very good...like the best. When you work from home and when music is released at all hours of the night it can be hard to shut down and unplug. Before you know it, the clock strikes 4 AM and you are digging up interviews of an Estonian trap rapper. It's really awesome being a night owl, but now that I'm super duper old, I definitely feel it the next morning. I used to be able to kill it on 4-6 hours but those days are over. I learned over break how much more productive and awesome I am when I get 8-10 hours and I liked it. I'd rather get a hot take up late and have it make sense than do it immediately on three hours sleep. Fuck a Nas.

Of course, all this will go to shit when Drake decides to drop seven songs at 4 AM on a Sunday.

Last but not least....

Stop all the pollution.

So there you have it DJBooth nation, my 2015 resolutions. Good luck with yours--instead of falling off next week let's all really and do it together--and happy mother fucking new year y'all. Looking forward to another year of rap nerdery...

..and sleep...

[Editor's Note: This is the second a series from DJBooth's writers on their New Year's resolutions. For Yoh's resolutions, click here and for Nathan's click here.]

 - Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth.net. His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]



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