N.A.S.A Produce Out-of-This-World Tour, Reveal Recording Secrets [DJBooth Exclusive]


Chicago, IL -- This past weekend, DJBooth.net was in attendance at Chicago’s Abbey Pub (thanks to our good friends at

Spectre Music


Epitaph Records

) to watch musical astronauts

Squeak E. Clean


DJ Zegon

—known to the masses as


—perform on their currently-running promotional tour.

Known by Booth-goers for their

Kanye West



-assisted, “


,” the duo are currently pushing their debut album,

Spirit of the Apollo

, a project that took nearly half a decade to complete.

Prior to performing for the sold-out crowd at The Abbey Pub, the duo took a minute to chop it up with DJBooth.net and dispel a few out-of-this-world misconceptions about the recording and preparation of their new album:

DJ Z: The promo photos [for the album] that you shot in full NASA gear—were they taken in Montana?

Squeak E. Clean: Nope. That was really on the moon.

DJ Z: Sure…

Squeak E. Clean: No, really. Most of the album was recorded at the International Space Station.

DJ Z: Those studio sessions had to cost a fortune…

Squeak E. Clean: Yeah, it wasn’t that much. Since NASA is an associate of our whole deal, we get access whenever we want.

With a tremendous amount of talent and plenty of personality, Clean (born Sam Spiegel) and Zegon (born Ze Gonzales), who met in Sao Paulo, Brazil, through a mutual love of rare Brazilian funk and soul records, create a far-out (pun fully intended) experience worth catching live and in color (actually, many many colors).

Spirit of the Apollo

, currently available for purchase, received 4 out of a possible 5 “spins” from DJBooth.net. The album features appearances by

Method Man


Ol’ Dirty Bastard




Ghostface Killah




Chuck D,


and more.